You did know that, didn’t you?

(I hope so, even if it is just a vague sense on what that means…)
It has nothing to do with whether you’re partnered or not. Or how you look or what you wear.

What if living more in your natural sexual essence made everything in your life so much better and easier?

By “better”, I mean useful stuff, like having less stress, creating better relationships, making more money, getting more noticed,etc…

The truth is, things can shift rapidly when you’re in touch with your natural gender essence. My life continues to be transformed the more I deepen in my feminine essence. But for years I had no idea what that was.

What is Feminine/Masculine Essence?

Gender essence (feminine essence, if you’re a woman, or masculine essence, if you’re a man) is an awareness, a preferred way of running your physical, emotional and spiritual energy. It’s not the same thing as feminine or masculine energy. Both genders need still masculine and feminine energy to function in the world, but they are expressed differently.

Since I work with a lot of women on this, here I’ll talk about feminine essence.

Embracing your feminine essence will help you become more radiant and magnetic as a woman. That means you’ll have reduce stress, get noticed the way you want, and have a much easier time with all of your relationships. Everything in your world gets transformed because your feminine essence is an energy that permeates everything. It’s an awareness of the Real You who always would have wanted to come out into the world.

It really can be that profound, yet simple at the same time. Our culture that has left many women having to be more masculine than they would naturally want to be. As a result, women often feel exhausted, overwhelmed, unattractive and invisible. Everything in life often feels like a big push and struggle to get everything done. 

I know because I used to live that way.

Instead, the true feminine essence does much better with using attraction and magnetizing, rather than being electrifying and pushing .It’s just that many women don’t know how to do that, since our culture has encouraged women to be more masculine, in terms of getting things done. Women are afraid if they were to let their guard down, they’d get run over. Similarly, men do not know how to support women, since our culture hasn’t helped in that regard either.

There are simple, powerful things that can help. Given the amount of stress men and women are under these days, I believe this is an emerging part of energetic and spiritual healing whose time has come. For too long, sexuality and spirituality have been treated as polar opposites,instead of part of the same conversation.

Part of the problem might be that there hasn’t been enough good conversation around this, even among spiritual teachers. Either the topic is skipped over completely as something un-evolved, or it’s assumed that men and women are practically the same inside, or the whole issue gets mixed up with social expectations. There’s not enough understanding of gender essence as an energy, an awareness, and with that, the gift of polarity.

Sometimes folks have a vague sense of the feminine might mean being flowing and intuitive, while the masculine might mean structured and logical, but this is missing a lot of the true meaning of essence. Our culture doesn’t encourage either gender to develop their awareness in a way that feels good.

One Tip — For Women

Just for a moment, imagine taking all the tension that’s been in your shoulders and dropping it down into your hips.

Literally, soften the energy in your upper torso. Move energy down into your lower body, below your belly button and into your hips and abdomen.

What do you notice? How does it feel?

Perhaps you notice more ease in your body. Maybe a softening in your mood. You might even notice that your whole body moves a bit differently when you run your energy this way.

You might like the way you feel in your body much better, just with this simple shift.

That’s because the feminine energy likes to run from the hips, while masculine energy runs from the shoulders.

Notice what happens when you think about your ToDo list. Do you start tensing up in your shoulders and arms? Just take a moment when you notice that happening. Then with your awareness, soften your upper arms and shoulders. Notice what you notice with your mood.

You might instinctively feel, “Ah-h-h” inside, with a sigh of relaxation.

What would it be like if you were to go through your day with more of your energy residing in your hips? It just takes a bit of practice, but it’s simple and only takes a moment to notice and to shift.

There is a way to rediscover your juiciness as a woman

The Art of Feminine Presence is a body of work devoted to helping women regain their natural magnetic presence. As a licensed instructor, I incorporate AFP into the rest of my work. I love helping women regain their natural feminine radiance so they can become more magnetically powerful and feminine. Many of my clients are shocked at the results they get. Anxiety drops quickly. The ability to be able to walk into any room and attract the kind of attention they want skyrockets. Similarly, I’ve been able to show men some simple energetic tips on how to reclaim a sense of their natural masculine power, to the delight of the women around them.

This is the kind of work that needs to be experienced to be understood. There is a limit to what the mind can grasp intellectually.

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