I’ve written before about how there are different kinds of energy healing and how, although they all use energy, they are not the same. Lately, I’ve been a bit more investigative in how different kinds of energy impact clients differently. In this piece, I’m address a physical issue, though like with everything else in healing, it is impossible to not consider the emotional elements as well. They really go hand in hand. But, just for the purposes of this conversation, as a place to start, I’m focused on the physical….

Recently, a client “Lisa” came in for a number of things, one of which was pain in her bladder. For years, Lisa had struggled with intense, painful urinary tract infections. Sometimes it would get better, but then it would come back with a vengeance that took her breath away from the pain. Lisa had diligently tried natural remedies, including cranberry juice, but the pain still persisted. A few months ago, Lisa saw a doctor, who prescribed her a couple courses of antibiotics. Things had improved somewhat, but there was still a burning sensation at times, and she never felt completely comfortable. A subsequent visit to a urologist a few days ago had her undergoing a CT scan, tests, and a catheter attached with a tiny camera that was sent into her bladder area.

The results revealed that Lisa had a constriction in her urethra leading up to the bladder. The doctor explained that this may have been caused by scar tissue from a previous injury. The result was that it left Lisa more susceptible to periodic bladder infections, since the bladder could not fully void easily. In addition, the urologist had detected tiny sand-like particles in the area that were irritating the tissue. They were similar to a precursor for kidney stones.

In listening to Lisa describe all she had been through, including her frustration and discomfort, I decided to try some different kinds of energy on her. Basically, I wanted to switch out different ways of working to see which ones her body most liked. There’s a part of me that has always been interested in research. I’m always curious to see as to which types of energy might work for best for certain kinds of physical issues. I know that energy work always helps, but are there certain kinds or frequencies that work better for some situations versus others?

Yet I knew that that even if I were lucky enough to do the same exercise with 100 people that had the exact same symptoms as Lisa, I would still probably end up with 100 different results. It would still only be half of the picture, because each kind of energy impacts each person differently. This is part of why research continues to be difficult in this field. Different people feel different things, and some kinds of energies simply reach some people better than others. Things work on different levels.

Despite this, I decided I to pursue my exercise anyway. What might be possible for Lisa, with some energy? In her case, although I knew there was a lot of healing that needed to happen in the bladder 2nd chakra areas of Lisa’s life (issues related to creativity, finances and relationship), and I knew they probably had a direct role in what was going on in her body, for this session, I decided to focus mostly on her physical body because she was uncomfortable. There would be time for the rest later.

“I would rather people actually felt physically OK while working out other stuff. Sure, we’re all evolving but it’s hard to process stuff when you just don’t feel good,” I said. Lisa agreed.

I explained to her that I was going to try some different approaches and I wanted her to provide feedback as I went along. What did she feel and notice after each one? I also got a notebook to record what she experienced after each type of work.

First I scanned her field, including near her abdomen. After all, it hurt there, so it seemed natural to check it out. I hung out there for a few minutes, just palpating the field. It felt prickly and unsettled, very noisy, with odd pinging sensations hitting my hand. I got the distinct feeling that the tissue was highly annoyed. It had just had an invasive camera on a catheter stuck there poking around a couple days ago. And to insult to injury, while performing these tests, the physician had also manually expanded some of the constricted area, to open up the pipe a bit more. Lisa’s body just didn’t feel very happy from the whole experience.

“Well,” I said, palpating further out from her body, “Before I start the swapping out stuff, let me ground you.” After all, I didn’t want to just dive in to her field without laying some ground work first. It would feel like compartmentalizing the body, which is what allopathic medicine does, when it focuses only on one body part and ignores the rest.

So I held her feet to do opening and up and grounding of the field. It’s one of the first steps I always do, regardless of what is going on. I don’t even think about it anymore because it’s so basic.

I should have known that even that simple grounding would already start changing things.

“Oh, I definitely feel that!” Lisa said, as she lay on the table. “It feels warm! I can feel it moving up my body.”

Oops! And I hadn’t even started what I wanted to do yet, as far as the formal exercise. I had thought I could be so brilliant as to separate one thing from another. But like all things in energy work, everything really is connected. The presence of the healing energy, even if just grounding the body, was already moving something in the abdomen area. It’s impossible to put things in nice little boxes the way science likes, even for the purposes of a simple exercise.

Yet I didn’t want to just cut short the grounding just for the sake of research, since it is so helpful. So I continued with it anyway because I knew Lisa needed really it.

Once I felt Lisa was sufficiently grounded, I decided to begin the exercise by using a lot of earth energy. Earth energy is hot and fire-y. It makes my heart beat faster when I use it. I put my hands on Lisa’s abdomen and sent what I gathered in like a fire hose. (Stay tuned in a future blog post, where I have an exclusive one-hour recorded interview with medicine woman and energy healing pioneer Rosalyn Bruyere! She taught me this way of working with energy).

After a few minutes, I asked Lisa what she noticed.

“Ooh, that feels very uplifting,” Lisa said. “I feel very supported. I see a lot of colors. I just feel very uplifted. I also feel like my abdomen is moving or something.”

I jotted down notes in my notebook as she spoke.

Then I put my hands on Lisa again and opened up with another approach. This time I used a Divine Openings-related approach, which has a different in focus the previous technique. There’s no “sending” of anything going on. It’s accessing the Void, a specific vibration.

After a few moments, again I asked Lisa what she was feeling in her tissue.

“That feels really odd. I feel like there’s a faint pinging pain in my bladder area, like the energy is going in there and doing something. It’s not a bad feeling, but I do feel like something is pinging in there. A lot is moving in there. And I saw colors but different colors than before. Yellow, orange, a bit of red and moving into green…”

“So it feels different than the first approach?” I asked, taking notes. Meanwhile, I was already burning up myself, as I always get hot when I’m moving a lot of energy.

“Oh yes. Very different,” she replied. “That’s amazing!”

“Ok,” I said. “Now I’m trying something else. This will go quickly.” I went into a Matrix Energetics two-pointing mode. I began to see foods pop up in her field, including eggplant and butter, of all things. Sometimes when I see stuff like that, it’s what the client needs to eat, while other times it is more symbolic. In Lisa’s case, I had the odd feeling that, for whatever reason, eggplant and butter would be something her body would appreciate. Not bucketfuls of butter, just perhaps a pat. And not butter substitutes, such as coconut oil or Pam cooking spray, but real dairy butter…

“What, if anything, do you feel in your body?” I asked, after a few moments.

“Relaxed,” she said. She mumbled a few other things that I missed, as she was a bit in a hypnotic state. She but didn’t have much else to add, other than feeling relaxed.

I noted that down. Even “relaxed” is a good thing, especially when dealing with constriction of anything in the body.

Then I decided to move into a more specific, etheric clearing of the bladder. In that approach, my hands energetically go inside the body to do some work and clean stuff off. After doing the last two approaches that were more “wide”, I had a sense that, it was time to go in more narrow and “targeted”. On the table next to us, I had put out a big glossy anatomy book, opened up to a page showing me the details of the shape of the bladder. I used it as a map. Specifically, I was looking for the tiny grains of particles that were causing irritation to the bladder. Where was the irritation? And if I could find them, could I use energy to aggressively dissolve those grains of irritants? I wasn’t sure, but I was going to look for them. I noticed the bladder area felt fuzzy to me and I spent some time there cleaning it off…

“Well, that feels really weird,” she said, after a few moments. “I felt like there was a purging going on, like literally on the outside of my bladder. A weird purging. It felt like stuff was literally moving in there. Then it was like my body is unwinding or something…”

That’s a typical reaction with that approach. By then, we were out of time. I had still intended to go through more approaches, including use of a laser approach, standard Reiki, EFT for chronic pain relief and other kinds of energy approaches. I sometimes forget that I know so many different ways of working with energy that it’s good for me to bring them out and cycle through them, in a compare and contrast kind of way. Usually, I pick and choose what I think will work with people, but this was the first time I went through them in a more organized way. I was intrigued that Lisa could feel the difference between them.

Lisa got up from the table feeling much better. There was much less heat in her body, and the aura around her abdomen didn’t look so spiked. That’s typical, but I was more curious how the bladder might respond in the days ahead. Meanwhile, she was excited at having had her experience trying out different items from the “energy buffet”.

“Pretty cool!” she said.

I explained to Lisa that if she was still uncomfortable after this session, we would do more in a subsequent session.

The next morning,, Lisa emailed me the following:

Hi Adele,

I slept better than usual. This morning I had virtually no pain in my bladder when I urinated. Then by late morning it had come back, but strangely enough felt like it had moved from where it was in the bladder, to farther down toward (if not in) the urethra. The burning sensation is much less today.

A few days later, Lisa wrote me to report that she no longer felt any burning feeling at all.

So, which energetic approach worked the best?? Alas, I still do not know. It is hard to isolate. Actually, in Lisa’s case, my sense is that she needed a combination of approaches that included the wide and the deep. Neither on its own would be enough.

I need to do more research, more inquiry. But that’s ok, I enjoy the research!

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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