Spark Your Feminine Presence


Become part of the new emerging kind of woman who leads and inspires from her feminine presence.

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Hi there, smart, intuitive and perfectionist one!

Would you like to become the new emerging kind of woman who leads with her feminine, inspires and heals those around her with her presence?

Do you feel this way?

You’re super busy! You’re working hard, plugging through your To Do list, being so productive and on top of things!

And while things may look fab on the outside, on the inside, you might be feeling:

Exhausted from pushing so hard to get things done
Not particularly attractive or magnetic as a woman
Not getting paid what you’re worth, professionally
Invisible, like no one sees or hears you
A feeling that you’re not attracting the right kind of partners or a sense that the relationship that you are in is not fulfilling
A nagging sense that you are meant to contribute more in the world but you don’t know how or what it is
I know because that used to be me!

Spark Your Feminine Presence changed everything for me, and now I offer it to other women.

What if you could…


Walk into any room and attract the kind of attention you want


Stop pushing so hard to get things done, and attract what you want instead


Be more visible so you can create more professional success


Create more fulfilling relationships, including romantic ones


Reduce overwhelm and stress


Attract more financial success, if you’re a business owner


Not be drained by other people’s emotions

A woman is naturally magnetic when she’s in her feminine essence. It has nothing to do with what she wears or how “together” is. It’s a mysterious energy, attractive, authentic, and joyous. It’s her “IT” factor.

You have your own “IT” factor, even if you don’t know it. It is there. And it’s time to cultivate it so that 2020 can be a quantum leap towards your goals.

Stop pushing so hard and doing the same things, and hoping things change. It’s time for something really different…


The Spark Your Feminine Presence online class series

This is a series of classes designed to help you increase your feminine essence so you can attract more of who and what you want. You’ll learn practices that will help you amplify your internal power and embody the pleasure of being a woman. You’ll be more magnetic and more joyful too. Especially now… the world needs your light.

Imagine…less stress. More personal and professional success. And a stronger sense of your life’s purpose…

Who wouldn’t want that?? There is an easier way through all the chaos and stress most women are living with.

It’s time. This is very different than most things you’ve experienced. You will probably surprise yourself!

When: Coming soon. Sign up to be notified. Where: Online via Zoom — a link will be sent to you upon registration. ​So click below to be notified of the next class schedule…

These online classes are small and intimate, and they aren’t offered all the time. Space is limited, and sometimes there’s a waiting list. So don’t wait — register today by clicking below.