Yours truly can sometimes be a bit klutzy. So if you happen to be a klutz, it helps to know how to remedy the results of one’s klutziness. Energy work can be rather handy for that.

I take dance class fairly regularly at a local studio. Recently, I was in a crowded class where space was at a premium. Despite everyone’s best efforts to spread out, somehow, while we were doing some glorious moves, the girl behind me managed to run into me. Somehow one of her fingers collided with the bottom of my foot in mid-air with a nasty “thwack!”.

OMG! We stopped immediately and I felt terrible. One minute we were all having so much fun, and a split second later, this girl had a hurt finger courtesy of the bottom of my foot. Even more upsetting, she was bleeding…

Someone ran to get some Kleenex and ice, and she was able to blot her finger down. It didn’t appear to be a serious injury, just a torn nail and a scrape. But of course, anytime your nail is ripped away from the rest of your fingertip and you’re bleeding, it’s pretty darn uncomfortable.

I felt so distressed. Then, it was like a part of me just sprang into action before I could stop myself.

“Give me that!” I said, taking the girl’s hurt hand. She obliged. I’m sure from the way I sounded it was clear I wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer.

I palpated the aura around the injury and started working. I never actually touched the injured area, but instead worked about 6 inches out. My goal was to move as much energy as fast and as immediately as possible, as doing that can greatly reduce pain and speed up the entire healing process. Injuries respond very well to energy work, especially if the energy work can be done immediately after the injury.

I could feel the heat from the bleeding and inflammation that was building up in her hand, and I suspected there was some bruising going on. It felt like a ball of hot, thick molasses was pushing against my palm, filling me up, and then spiking out again. I focused on moving that heat out so that the tissue could heal faster. I could feel the aura gradually getting unstuck, and then there was movement again. It was as if the molasses started to dissipate and unwind into waves of a light, fluffier textured material.

“Wow, I can feel that!” the girl said. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, just some energy stuff,” I said. I didn’t feel like explaining. Meanwhile, a couple other people nearby started gawking at me, but fortunately, I’ve found that dancers as a group are usually pretty open to things, so no one thought it too strange what I was doing.

“I feel…like…waves?” the girl said, almost incredulous at what she was experiencing. How could it be? I wasn’t even touching her…

“Yep,” I said. “Here’s another one…”

“That is so weird!” she exclaimed.

“Well, this should help it heal faster,” I said.

It took about 5 minutes of work and the heat in her hand subsided and the aura was no longer boiling red and angry. I sent some reconnective energy into her finger, as well as some white and blue rays. Meanwhile, I also noticed that the girl seemed to go into a nicely relaxed state while I worked, which is typical and also great for healing.

The next day, we were both back in dance class again. I asked her how she was doing. She said she was amazed at how well her finger felt, that she would not have expected it to feel this way after tearing a nail like that. She said there was no pain, no sign of bleeding or swelling, and the nail was flat against the finger again. It was almost like nothing had ever happened, she said. I was relieved.

She then asked if I could teach her how to do what I did. “Sure!” I said.

Have energy, will travel! But do try to avoid klutziness while you’re at it!

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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