Every day I work with clients who have done a tremendous amount of inner work and personal development yet are still feeling “stuck.” It’s so understandable. The journey of being human pulls us forward, sometimes stumbling, sometimes running. But always into the unknown. 

I recorded this for them but thought I would share it with you. There are some fundamental truths about what it means to be alive and human in this world. There are always “Big Questions” lurking behind most of the in-the-moment issues and decisions we face every day. 

I’ve learned that developing a relationship with these “Big Questions” of being human is essential to creating a life that works. Because it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when” every human has to sit with the paradoxes that come from being alive. 

Meaning, purpose, uncertainty, ambiguity. Questions around all of these things remain no matter how much we try to reason, fix and control. So what do we do?

Have a listen. Feel it through. What does it mean to you to be alive and dancing with these Big Questions? How can these Big Questions inform you of what your next step is? https://soundcloud.com/adelewang/the-big-questions-in-being-human-adele-wang
What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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Adele Wang
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