The Lucky Woman’s Confidence Club

The Lucky Woman’s Confidence Club


Practical, powerful tools for the sensitive and passionate woman who wants success with less stress

The Lucky Woman's Confidence Club

This club is designed to help you create more success with less effort, especially through a more intimate understanding your energy. Most women have no idea. But your energy is what is being reflected in relationships. It is more powerful than what you think or visualize. So the results of your energy can be seen in your relationships with bosses, friends, colleagues, romantic partners and your children.

You'll learn practices that will help you amplify your internal power and embody the pleasure of being a woman. don't have to figure this out this "invisible stuff" all by yourself. It will save you a lot of time.

Less stress. More personal and professional success.

Who wouldn't want that?? There is an easier way through all the chaos and stress most women are living with.


How It Works

We meet every other Wednesday evening for a short hour (usually around 50 - 55 minutes) on Zoom. See below for the schedule.

The first call of each month is a teaching call. The Lucky Woman's Confidence Club is mainly about understanding your own energy and working with it. So I might teach a bit about the masculine and feminine, or other points that are essential to your success. Sometimes people ask for help on specific issues, and that's great too.

Sometimes we break into smaller groups. There will be plenty of time for sharing. And I'll give everyone a small assignment to try out in the "real world".

It might be around your physical presence around men, or how you are when people start dumping their "issues" on you. 🙂

This call will be recorded and made available to you, if you miss it.

The second call of the month is for Q&A. Everyone will share how they did with the thing they are practicing. This is your chance to get some laser coaching time with me or the group.

Sometimes I do some intuitive readings. Sometimes there's some meditation. Sometimes it's a spiritual practice. Or some discussions about other things that matter to women, such as nutrition or exercise.

And for connection in between calls, you are added to a private Facebook group, where you can support each other!


When: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST
Where: Link will be sent to you upon registration.


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