In previous posts, I’ve written about different types of energy medicine that are available. I’ve used several of them in my healing practice. Since so many people have asked me about this, I’m expanding on this topic some more. I’ve written about older, traditional ways of working with energy, which include Reiki, quantum touch, personal transformation/shamanism, qi gong, and others. In the past 15 years or so, however, there are also some newer modalities showing up and making themselves known. They are not necessarily “better”, but offer access to a wider set of energies that complement traditional methods.

The best analogy I can come up with is that if older methods use in the middle keys on the keyboard of a piano, the newer ways offer the ability to reach the highest and lowest keys on the keyboard. More options. More resonance.

Just like with music, some clients may resonate best to tones played from the center of the piano keyboard, while others gain more benefit from keys in the upper or lower range. Or, to use another musical analogy, maybe one style of energy work sounds like jazz, another classical, and another rock and roll. They are all different kinds of energy. But they aren’t the same either.

I’m always aware that there are many people in need of help who do not have unlimited resources to go about trying every healer and modality available. There are often practical limits to time, money and energy. People want to know how best to maximize their resources for wellness, and I do understand this situation. And so I write these posts in the hopes that it may help articulate the different things available in energy work.

Energy medicine is very broad. In fact, in my opinion, the world of energy work is becoming as broad and deep as that of standard allopathic medicine. Approaches, philosophies and theories vary widely. And yet, most methods do have something of benefit to offer, and most methods will have success stories to share.

Sometimes the variety of all that is available is confusing for consumers who are trying to decide what to do. Many consumers have heard of Reiki and energy healing. Reiki is a wonderful and very popular modality. But is all energy healing Reiki and all Reiki energy healing?

My answer is that Reiki is one type of energy healing, but not all energy healing is Reiki. There are many ways to work with energy. They can all provide benefit, and the benefit may happen in different ways.

For example, take an illness like cancer. There are several ways to use energy medicine with cancer. Below, I’ve grouped them into 4 different styles of energy work. Most healers work primarily in one of the four categories. It isn’t necessary for a healer to know all of them to do great things. More tools aren’t necessarily better. (After all, if I already have a fabulous power tool in my toolbox, why would I need 3 more?) But for me, I feel that knowing other approaches can add to the depth of work that is possible. I have a curious mind, and I enjoy the exploration and the research. I like having other options available, if one way of working does not seem to help move things for the client.

Cancer: Four Different Approaches Using Energy Work

Balancing and Boosting Chi

Most of the better-known modalities in energy healing seem to focus on balancing the body’s energetics and amplifying the immune system, and it is no different when working with cancer. Reiki, qi gong, quantum touch, acupuncture and other methods, although not the same, have a similar objective. Whether they focus on balancing the body’s energetic meridian system, sending non-directed energy into the body, or opening a channel for Divine grace, they help the body go into a deeply healing state where its healing abilities are boosted. In this deep still-point state, peoples’ natural intuitive wisdom often opens as well. Many times clients receive a special message on their illness that can be very helpful. The goal of many of these methods is to strengthen and support the immune system, which is important for anyone going through chemotherapy. With a strong immune system, dysfunctional cells like cancer can be more easily purged from the body in a natural way.

In my practice I use this approach on all cancer patients, including remote clients on the phone. Energy work is very helpful before and especially right after chemo treatments. I emphasize to cancer clients that they need to keep up energy work for a while even after they feel better. The temptation is always to stop sessions once they are feeling good and on the road to recovery. But cancer can be very crafty. It can lurk in the body even after people feel better, waiting for the next time the immune system is lowered. Regular energy work to balance out the body’s energetics can help minimize the opportunity for cancer to re-emerge.

Consciousness and Transformation

A second way of working with cancer is what I call a more personal transformative approach. In a previous post, I touched on shamanism and cancer. Shamanism to me falls into the personal transformative approach. These ways of working with energy put much more emphasis on emotional and spiritual components that may have lead to the development of cancer. From a transformative or shamanic perspective, illness is often due to a loss of personal power. This could be because of trauma that occurred earlier in the client’s life, or because of a negative, disempowering belief that the client has been holding inside their heart. In this way of working with energy, it’s about calling one’s power back and releasing what no longer needs to be held on to. When power is reclaimed, consciousness changes in a big way. Stress “fight or flight” levels often drop, which enable the body’s immune systems to strengthen. As a result, the body’s over-all ability to recover improves.

This style of work is a very powerful process. I like it because it enables the client to be actively involved in their own healing, rather than them handing over their power to be “fixed”. After all, the idea of a healer “fixing” people only promotes more disowning of one’s personal power. Working with the spiritual energy of the soul and emotion helps people look at where they’ve lost their power in certain life “stories”, and how they can reclaim those parts of themselves again. It is one of the oldest ways of working with energy, what shamans have always known. I’ve mentioned before about the energy signature I see around people, and it is what I use when I work.

Because this approach can involve emotions and spiritual inquiry, and because cancer patients often already have their hands full, I only use this approach if clients are open to it. Some clients are more interested than others in addressing this part of their healing process, and this absolutely should be respected.


A third way of using energy in working with cancer is very different from the previous two. Instead of balancing the client’s energy system or focusing on the energetics of consciousness, the healer’s chi can be used to aggressively seek and shut down cancer cells in the client’s body.

This is a more obscure method. My observation is that few healers go this route. One reason why is because it is very exhausting to work this way. This kind of work demands tremendous, laser-like focus. I’ve done it on occasion, and I always needed to take extra care of myself afterwards. At times, it was so demanding that my knees were shaking during the session. It’s a very different approach than that of letting in grace or listening to the energy of the soul. Small wonder that qi gong masters in Java have had to study for more than 30 years in order to accomplish some pretty amazing results. Because this way of working takes so much training and discipline, it is uncommon to see many people working primarily in this method. I do not have deep experience in this style of working, but so far I do sense that positive changes can occur from this type of approach. I have been told that this approach can be a good option when time is of the essence, depending on the progression of the illness. I would like to do more research on this.

Again, this isn’t saying that this way is “better”. But it is different. And because cancer is so unusual, I don’t know if this way of using energy would work with other conditions. It’s another way of working with energy that uses a different paradigm. It’s energy healing, but it is definitely not Reiki or transformation.

Newer Intelligences

Finally, a fourth way is also emerging as part of what I call the “newer” energy intelligences that are coming in at this time. It is almost a misnomer to call these methods “energy healing”, but for lack of a better word, that is what we call them at the moment. Some of the modalities include Matrix Energetics, the downloading of soul transplants (meaning, every organ in the body has an associated soul that can be worked with), and using intelligences from other realms.

Some of these newer intelligences work without a focused objective. Others are extremely focused in what they are upgrading. Sometimes healings can happen very rapidly. My impression is that in some cases, this way of working may be faster than some of the traditional methods, but that is just a gut hunch. It’s hard to research this because I blend styles when I work (partly because I just get guidance that is what I should do). So it’s hard to know how things would have been, had I had stuck to using only one approach.

A few of these newer ways of working cannot be obtained by a healer asking for them. They cannot be initiated or taught by a teacher either. They come only when it is felt it is the right time for the healer to be granted certain things. Understandably, this can be frustrating to healers. But I think this is probably the Divine’s natural balancing rule in effect. More ability must always be balanced with more wisdom.

I’m excited to continue to explore these new intelligences. I like them because they are elegant. Like the rest of energy work, these ways defy logical understanding. Yet despite this, there is a method to the madness of what is going on. I don’t know what it is yet. But I’ll let you know when I know.

In closing, I’ll just say that no matter what approach is used, I always know that in healing work, something bigger than all of us is going on. Whether we’re clients seeking help or healers sharing what we do, we all just show up, do our best and go from there.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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