No more hiding, no more seeking – a guided meditation for more powerful manifestation

This meditation will calm your squirrely mind when it’s “trying” so hard to manifest that it’s just making everything harder. Use this for:


Stronger self-confidence and authenticity — this meditation will help you shed layers of self-doubt and social conditioning. You’ll finally start to feel the “real you”. This is perfect if you’re wanting to embrace a more authentic life.


Developing a true detachment from outcome — Most people know the concept of detachment but not how it actually feels in the mind and in the body. Feel the peace and the power of this so that you’re not so triggered by habits of mind when things happen around you. 


Becoming more present — Amp up your ability to notice the opportunities that show up and the feeling that you are on track with your life so that you have a stronger sense of direction and much less doubt inside. This will help you feel less lost and develop a clearer vision for your future. 

Manifestation Meditation