Ever notice how junk mail has an energetic specifically designed to be annoyingly conspicuous? Well, it caught me this week. There I was, sifting through a pile of the stuff at my house, when I was practically smacked between the eyes by one of the most obnoxious postcards I have ever seen. In big huge red letters, against a lime green glow-in-the-dark background, it screamed:


It took me a moment for my eyes to stop watering from the visual assault. It took another few moments for me to comprehend that the postcard was a promotion for a band called Kill The Noise. I quickly tossed it into the trash.

But it was too late, as I was already hooked on that phrase. “Kill the noise, kill the noise,” I kept repeating to myself.

It sounded so borderline crazy at first, like something someone might mutter under their breath, before they went postal and went on a shooting spree or something.

Then I envisioned people crammed in small apartments, attacking anything that made sound, desperate to get some peace and quiet in a loud rackety world where there are too many cars and not enough trees.

And then I realized what a perfect descriptive phrase it was for what I do with clients every day. Basically, one thing I do is help people clear the energetic noise out of their head and their nervous system. Especially when it feels like their thoughts have taken over their lives, leaving nothing but anxiety behind.

We’ve all experienced the stress of the Noisy Head. It’s when you can’t get away from your own thoughts. Even when you really want to. You feel imprisoned by your mind’s constant thinking. Like a squirrel wired on caffeine, your mind keeps gnawing on one thought followed by another, up and down, in and out, around and back again. From the moment one gets up in the morning until one crashes for the evening, it can seem like there is no end to the noisy thoughts in one’s mind.

That’s what the mind does. It creates thoughts, followed by more thoughts. On and on it cranks. Thoughts about the To Do list. Thoughts about what the boss must be thinking of me. Thoughts about why our spouse didn’t pay the power bill on time. Etc etc.

Then, of course, there are all the thoughts about our thoughts. Thoughts wondering why we think what we do, Or whether we might be “off” in our thinking somewhere. Or why we can’t just think differently about something and be done with it. It’s often disorganized and frantic. Try as you might to calm your mind, but it is as if your brain just won’t stop. It’s as if the mind thinks that if it doesn’t keep thinking, something important will be missed and something bad will happen.

Energetically, this causes tremendous stress to the body and the spirit. It’s no surprise that when people have a Noisy Head, their nervous system starts to burn out. The body loses its natural balance and ability to heal itself. All sorts of stress-related problems can show up, including adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, insomnia and others. It’s as if the fight-or-flight response in the body is stuck permanently “on”, and people simply cannot relax. Sleeping seems more about just recovering from the stress of the day, and not really about deep recharging.

“I can’t turn my brain off!” clients complain to me. “It’s constant! It’s like one thought after another, and I can’t stop thinking. It’s driving me nuts!”

This is so common. There’s nothing wrong with thinking, but when it takes over our lives, it isn’t good for us. Actually it’s pretty icky. It makes us tense, irritable and reactive to everything. Blood pressure goes up, and sleep and immune function go down. It becomes hard to focus on anything when you can’t finish one thought before jumping obsessively on to another. Making decisions feels scary when we can’t actually feel anything enough to know if a choice would be right for us or not. And so naturally, we feel immobilized to take any action at all, and we must think about it some more. In addition, I notice that people start trying to think their way through aspects of their life that the mind was never designed to support, such as their feelings, their spirituality, and even who they are. These things are in the domain of the heart, not the mind. But when the mind is running amock, the heart gets covered up and we end up trying to think everything as if it were a math problem set. Naturally, we’re never quite happy with the end result.

What do you do, if you’re stuck in a Noisy Head? We know we have to get out of it, but how? Meditation sounds like a good idea. But for a lot of people, it’s a big stretch to go from a Noisy Head to a state of inner stillness, all by themselves. For many people, meditation is very frustrating because the mind really resists stillness above all else…

Energy work is excellent for this kind of situation. It’s a way to hit the “reset” button on the body’s energetic system when it feels like everything has gotten whirly crazy.

So one of my goals is to help people get out of their Noisy Head as fast as possible. I use several energetic tools to help people get back to the place where the body sighs with a deep relief of, “Oh yeah, I remember this!” Physical healing for injuries or illnesses is automatically accelerated.

And at that point, because there is much less static in peoples’ energy fields, all it takes is just a bit of intuitive guidance, and people are more able to find the “a-ha’s!” they need. The stillness in the body and mind helps them find their own breakthroughs from the heart. This further reduces stress in a way meds simply can’t.

So Adele, What Would You Do?

If you were to come in with Noisy Head stress, the first thing I’d do is to clear off any energetic debris I saw in your energy field. There’s typically debris floating around people, in a space about 3 feet out from the body. As humans, we’re sensitive creatures. It is easy for us to pick up energies from our environment that does not belong to us. It’s not bad. But over time, it can feel like energetic clutter that we don’t need.

(For example, say you’re close to a neighbor who’s going through a messy divorce. One afternoon, you have a conversation with her outside in the yard, and she shares with you the latest details of her situation. You feel the tension in her body, how upset she is, and your heart goes out to her. You go back into your house, and you start to feel crabby. Hours later, you’re still crabby for no apparent reason, adding to the noise in your head…)

So I do a simple clearing of energies that don’t belong to you. It’s fast and it’s just a nice way to uncover the real you, from under all the energetic clutter. Sometimes I’ll use sound to do this, because putting intent on a sound wave works very nicely.

The next thing I might do, after clearing you off, is tune in on the specific stuff that is bothering you. It’s important, from an energy perspective, to give these things the attention they need. What in particular is giving you a Noisy Head?

Sometimes it is nothing specific, it’s just a general roar of all kinds of things in the head. Other times, there are specific things going on. It could be issues within a relationship. Or pressures at work. Or feeling confused on what one is supposed to be doing in life. Whatever it is, it’s as if something in you is trying to emerge, some sort of new awareness, or perhaps even a new direction or guidance from our heart. But it is hard to know what that is when our thoughts are so loud in our head.

If it is something specific that is banging around in your head, we’ll do some energy meridian tapping to dial down the noise in your head so that it isn’t so overwhelming. You’ll be able to hear yourself again. Once that happens, your body’s energy will find it much easier to let go of whatever you need to let go of. New ideas will come in much easier because now there’s more space for them in your head.

People typically enjoy a drop in anxiety right away when we do this part of the work. It’s quick and things shift fast., and it’s one of my most favorite things to do.

Just as a personal side note that I’ll share here — whenever I’ve been stuck in a stressful Noisy Head myself, I’ve never found it helpful to be told by well meaning folks that I should “be positive” or “just let it go”. It’s not that such statements are wrong. It’s just that they aren’t helpful. They often just make people feel even worse about themselves. (After all, if you could have let things go, you would have, right??)

Instead, what’s needed is some attention on the things that are bothering you. That’s why this part of the work is so important. Once you get the energetic support you need, the things that have been bothering you can be gently released and channeled out of you.

Finally, once the noise dialed down, I might then have you get on the table and I would start running some basic grounding energy to seal all the work and balance the body. Typically you’ve let go of a lot of stuff at this point, and the body is energetically re-balancing. So it’s a perfect time for me to run energy to help you with this process.

Usually when I do this, people feel a warmth and and/or a tingling in their body. On my end, I usually get a blast of the energy that’s been pooled in peoples’ heads, and that is fine. I just channel it out. Sometimes I’ll notice how cold peoples’ feet are. It’s as if all the energy in their system has been sucked away by their brain that they don’t send enough energy down to feel their feet. So I hold peoples’ feet and ground the energy back down from the head.

If there are physical issues going on, I might also use my fingers to touch a few acupuncture points to amplify the Spleen meridian, which, in energy medicine, is critical for things like being relaxed. Similarly, I might sedate the Triple Warmer, which is the “fight or flight” meridian. And I’d probably do some other things to balance your body’s energy centers, such as use Reiki, etc.

I like to do the body energetic work last, because it is much more effective after other things have been cleared. It’s also a wonderful way to help people go into a still place inside. Because things finally got the attention they needed, now people can really let go and get some rest. People often fall asleep on the table because it is such a relief. It’s delicious for them. In deep relaxation, the body can recharge and get back to its natural state. I use this time to do some body energetic stuff, to ground and reboot peoples’ energy systems. If people are really exhausted, I spend some time literally charging them up, like a battery. I send energy into their bodies and allow them to absorb as much as they want.

People typically leave feeling renewed, recharged, and encouraged about what can be possible in their lives. Even more exciting is the fact that people don’t typically go back to exactly the same place they were before their appointment. There might be other things that happen to stress them out, certainly, and some more work may be needed. But usually, something permanently positive has shifted inside. They sense that they are moving in the right direction. They feel their natural Superhero powers coming back to them.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

Before you go … Would you like a great way to feel better fast when life gets tough and you’re stressed?

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