The other day, “Steve” wobbled in to my office for an emergency appointment.

I took one look at him and his aura, and said,“You look weird.” I had worked on Steve before but had never seen him quite like this. I felt like I had to literally squint to see him in the room. (“Steve, where are you? Are you in there??”)

For one thing, I could hardly see the top half of his head. Energetically Steve looked like a character from the a scene in one of the “Kill Bill” movies, who had just had the top half of her head sliced off by a samurai sword. Steve was energetically walking around with only the bottom half of his head. And when I looked at his eyes, it was as if they were coated with a strange, oily film that kept me from really being able to see him. A weird yellowish-grey cloud hung out in his aura around his forehead, I couldn’t really see much of his nose, and his face was oddly flushed. His whole energy field had a shaky feeling, That was so unlike him, given that he was an athlete and avid qi gong practitioner. His aura also felt more porous than normal, and not his usual well-contained field, with good “surface tension” around the edges.

Steve had just come back in to town after having had a routine surgery 4 days prior. It had been done in an out-patient basis at a doctor’s office. For the surgery, Steve had been placed under twilight anesthesia. Afterwards, he had waited the proper 24 hours, and then he attempted to drive back
to Atlanta. But he almost got into a serious wreck right away. Scared and realizing that he
was clearly was in no shape to drive, he turned around immediately, and went back to the motel to stay another night. He then drove back to Atlanta the next day.

Here he was in my office, 4 days after his surgery, and Steve was still clearly not right. The procedure itself had gone fine, and the physician was pleased. But the anesthesia had left Steve feeling very off balance, not right even days later.

Steve was surprised. This had never happened before on previous procedures. But there are so many different kinds of anesthesia that it is difficult to know how one will be with all of them. One combination can go over fine with the body, while another combination leaves a patient feeling very
off balance for days.

On top of this, Steve was worried that one of the compounds used in his anesthesia was considered controversial. It had been linked to long term memory loss after some surgeries, and he was concerned if that was what was happening. He told me he had been having problems with memory since the surgery, but it had been getting better, and perhaps he was over-reacting.

I grabbed a couple of my favorite flower essences out of my bag. One I especially like for this kind of situation is King Fern, from New Zealand. Even though King Fern is not usually mentioned for post-surgery, I felt in this case, something strongly protective at the most basic level was needed.
Surgery of any kind is never as easy as it may seem, even when people dismiss it as “just
out-patient”. And my ears always perk up any time people mention they were put under anesthesia, because it often hints at a whole bunch of things that can happen energetically.

So I gave Steve some drops of King Fern, along with some other essences for shock, put him on the table, and then did my energetic deep dive. There was plenty I could have gone into with the emotions of what had happened, but Steve felt so miserable I felt it was best to just shut up and see what I could do to clear this weird haze from his body.

The first thing I saw was that Steve had two large energetic pieces of debris stuck to him around his forehead. Energetic debris often collects  on people when people are put under anesthesia. The body’s energy field is vulnerable to picking up energetic stuff that doesn’t belong to us. Now I’m going to skip over the whole discussion about what this debris is because it often gets people in a tizzy unnecessarily. It’s not helpful, and I get peeved when people want to get caught up in it. They’ve been watching too much “Paranormal State” on TV. Instead, I just clear the stuff off that doesn’t belong to the client. Pretty simple. That’s all that is needed.

So that’s what I did. My favorite tool of choice is a type of sound shamanism. It works beautifully for clearing people of these energetic barnacles. It’s fast and effective.

Next, I did a clearing process, called energetic chelation, because I knew that the energy of anesthesia was probably still in every cell of Steve’s body.( This is something I learned from one of my favorite mentors, Rosalyn Bruyere. It’s basically an energy detoxing of the body).

With Steve, this simple process took forever. Normally it shouldn’t take that long, but with Steve, it was as if his entire body needed to be vacuumed. Plus, Steve is a big, muscular guy (former
SWAT officer), so there was literally a lot of ground to cover.

By this time, I was feeling really hot. It was as if a furnace was blasting on me. So I knew that stuff in Steve was finally really moving, finally thawing.

After I finished the detoxing steps, I palpated a couple of my favorite acupuncture points on Steve, and he grimaced. Not surprisingly, he was quite sore on most of them.

Because Steve and I have a running joke that I’m like a little hedgehog in my ability to find his sore acupuncture points, I said, “Well Steve, you know us Asians. We’re masochists. So you already know that if I find a sore one, I’m just going to grope it a bit more until it is less sore.”

Steve laughed. It sounds crass but it’s true. There are certain energy points I love to use. They’re like little buttons. I like to poke them and see the energy move. They’re useful for helping the body move stuff in a way that’s different from other methods.  Sometimes it’s just faster if I use them first before doing other more etheric work. It’s as if these points work on a different frequency than, say, the Reiki channel or the shamanic world. Plus, I like to work these points before people drift off too deeply into a state of stillness. After all, who wants to be jarred out of that beautiful place by someone rubbing a sore point on your foot?

And Steve was very sore on Spleen 4, which is a point near the big toe. So naturally, I poked at that point a bit more until the soreness eased.

But he still looked so strange to me, energetically. Even after pulling off stubborn energetic debris, doing in-depth detox, and working acupuncture points, it was still as if Steve was going in
circles instead of flowing in currents. He looked better than before, but still not fully bumped into a satisfying new pattern.

So I decided I had to open up some space. I used an approach that balances the left and right side of his body. (And not for the first time in my career, I wish I had longer arms to do this with, as Steve’s a big guy). I could feel a strange twitching and shaking under my left hand on Steve’s
shoulder. I’ve seen this before, with people after anesthesia. It’s as if people are shaking off anesthesia. Kind of like how a mouse might shake off shock after escaping the dangerous grip of a cat. I think that it is how the body processes trauma.

It took a while, but eventually this grounding “took”. Somehow, while I held the stillness in time and space, Steve was finally able shift. It was like a gentle “click”, and he was finally able
to hold some decent energetic repair. Slowly, Steve’s body started to reconnect to itself.

Meanwhile, I went into the shamanic realms and found a space between thoughts, then found a parallel place where I could see Steve already was fine. I connected to it to bring that reality in to this one. (“Ooh, Adele, watch what you’re saying, don’t say any more or people will think you are crazy!!”)

I watched as the weird yellow-grey haze in front of his forehead lifted, and abnormal redness in his face went away and his normal color returned. He literally assembled back into one energetic circuit,
instead of being a bunch of little pieces.

I had a few minutes left, so I worked on his head. He had been so uncomfortable before, with foggy brain, difficulty seeing and thinking. So I went in and opened up space. Then I spent a lot of time in his neck, which felt tight as a board. Probably from a combination of stress and driving for hours back to Atlanta. The drive had also aggravated a hip injury, but I didn’t have time to focus on that
too much. I felt if I could just restore Steve back to some semblance of normalcy, the hip would take care of itself.

Time was up. Steve got off the table feeling significantly better. He was relieved and delighted. And from my point of view, I finally recognized him again. His blue eyes were their customary normal brightness again, and the weird haze around his forehead was gone. I could see all of his face again, not just the bottom half. Steve left my office feeling much clearer and more himself.

I hope this gives you an idea of what energy work can do for post-surgery situations. The surgery itself may go just fine, but often what people really struggle with is the lingering effects of the anesthesia. It’s as if 80% leaves the body very quickly, but the remaining 20% can sometimes hang
out and make people feel uncomfortable. Energy work can help people get back to their natural self, faster and easier.

Next time you have surgery, if the anesthesia has you feeling icky, get some energetic help. You’ll be glad you did.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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