This is by far one of the best interviews I’ve ever done, with an amazing guest, Cornell Bunting. What Cornell had to say was so powerful that I was still thinking about it for several days afterwards. Please take some time and absorb how he faced overwhelming adversity, died briefly and came back to life, and how he found his life’s “Why am I here?” calling. I’m sure this will inspire you as it did me.


Imagine being framed and locked up for 10 months for a crime you didn’t commit (conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and possibly murder).
Then waiting 2 years and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to finally have your day in court and being fully acquitted of 16 charges.
Then on top of that, dying/being technically dead 16 minutes in front of thousands of people. And then coming back to life.
And then moving on to have a big impact on the world.
Can it be any more amazing than that??
Well, that’s a bit about my guest, Cornell Bunting author of “Escaping the Darkness – Using Adversity to Find Purpose” and several other best-selling books. Cornell Bunting
Enjoy this fascinating interview :
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