Perhaps like me, you’ve been shocked, saddened and dismayed at the tragic events that have unfolded over the past couple of weeks. 

The impact of all of these events can feel so big. As a spiritual being, maybe you wonder what you can do. The emotions swirling around can feel so heavy. For me, with every news update this week, I was horrified, then saddened, and then horrified again. Even going to the grocery store felt different, as if everyone in the checkout line was more pre-occupied than normal. And going online to social media certainly didn’t help…

If this is what you’ve been feeling, here’s a 3 step process that has helped me. Maybe it will help you:

Step 1 — Find your peace 

This is paramount. Regain control of your own energy from the chaos around you. Nothing gets better if everyone is
knocked off center with fear, horror and shock. What the world needs now more than ever are people who can stay calm in the midst of chaos. People who can do
this will be the inspirational leaders for others who desperately need it.

One way to do this is through a simple, intentional exercise with your breath. Rather than resisting the pain or getting lost in it, do the following: Take a simple inhale of your breath and breathe in the pain, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. On your breath exhale, say quietly to the Divine, “Please release everyone from this suffering” or some other simple prayer. Do this gently a few times and you will feel the tenseness in your body release.

Step 2 — Know that inner peace is the opposite of passivity

Some people have confused peace with passivity. 

From years of working with people, one energetic pattern that sometimes emerges goes something like this: “Peace is good, so I want peace. Peace means no conflict. So that means conflict is bad. I don’t want conflict because that’s hard and I want peace. Therefore, I don’t want to do anything that could cause conflict. So I have to already be at peace with everything and pray that whatever happens happens, so I’m just surrendered and spiritually evolved and I don’t have to actually do anything and it is all as it was meant to be.”

Obviously there is a lot going on with this line of thinking that is not helpful. I know because I used to think this way myself. It is fear-based, passive, and ironically, it only contributes to more of the same problems happening again because, well, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Peace is the opposite of passivity. Peace is an active energy, one that recognizes how interconnected everyone and everything is. Passivity is self-centered and stagnant — nothing moves, and there’s no real connection to anyone or anything.

I lived for years thinking that if nothing happening, that was “peaceful” but the reality was that it was passive, stagnant, boring and disconnected. Now I know the difference. Peace means I cannot turn a blind eye to what is hurting other people and pretend it doesn’t matter. It may not be easy to go there, but I don’t shy away from it either. In contrast, passivity sends people into a spiritual bypass of focusing only on happy thoughts because it is simply easier that way and on some level they think that’s productive. “Think happy thoughts and only good things will result!”

It’s no surprise that people have resorted to learned helplessness or confusing peace with passivity. After all, it takes a lot of spiritual stamina to listen to all aspects of complex situations. But it’s necessary in order to find inspired action. 

Peace doesn’t even mean you have to be quiet or anything specific at all. It just means you’ve found an inner source for
strength and clarity that’s louder than the chaos outside. It is what paves the way for inspired action.

There are plenty of problems in the world and everyone wants change. But you cannot hope to be part
of any sort of positive change if you are afraid of to listen to those with whom you don’t agree. You also cannot be part of the change if you are only caught up with the shock and emotion.

Step 3 — Take inspired action

This is a natural result
of Steps 1 and 2. Inspired actions come from a higher energetic place
than only using the emotion of the moment.

If you want better race relations, what would happen if you got to know your fellow colleague at the office a bit

If you don’t like the laws on an issue, what would happen if you took the time to vote, rather than assuming that your vote doesn’t matter?

Inspired action has a better chance for success than action driven only by emotion because it’s more intentional.

Do you have this courage? I’ll bet you do!

Everyone, we always have a choice…

Peaceful strength or passive indifference?

Inspired action or emotional over-reaction?

We always have a choice. If we choose wisely, pain and chaos can be channeled into the real change we want to see in the world.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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Adele Wang
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