It’s been over a month since I was trained to give Divine Openings by Lola Jones in Austin, Texas. Since then, I’ve been using this modality in my work. Because I have such a curious mind, I’ve performed this work in both a “pure” way and a “blended” way with my clients, just to see the results. A “pure” session consists of a client receiving a Divine Openings transmission and leaving with a copy of Lola Jones’ book, “Things Are Going Great in My Absence – How to Let Go and Let the Divine Do the Heavy Lifting.” A “blended” session is where I incorporate Divine Openings with other healing modalities, and the client may or may not get the book.  I have not pushed anyone to buy this book, but if they are interested, I make it available for them, since I came back from Austin with extra copies. (For my previous post on thoughts about Lola Jones’ book, “Things Are Going Great In My Absence,” click here).

After observing how my clients have been with both approaches, I find that a “blended” approach has worked better than using only a “pure” Divine Openings approach. A lot of this is because of reasons I mentioned in my previous post. I am pleased to report that my “blended” sessions have gone very well. From a purely physical point of view, clients report feeling a different sensation in the body compared to other forms of work. They seem to go into a very deep state quickly on the table. Pain often dissipates rapidly. For example, one woman came in this week with a constant burning pain in her stomach. Within only a few minutes of the work, she was pain free. To be sure, there’s no way to time how long it would have taken had I used a different energetic modality, but I have been pleased at what I’ve seen so far. Everything feels easier, even if I only use Divine Openings at the beginning of the session and then switch to another modality.

I’ve noticed that using the Presence in this way allows clients to easily shift all sorts of emotional things for themselves. Upon getting off the table, some have commented, “You know, I finally really get what you mean now when you were talking about XYZ. I heard you before, but didn’t really get it inside, and now I do.” I always appreciate how much easier my job has been made by working with the Presence in this way.

With regard to clients who do decide to read the Jones’ book, I notice that things go easier for people when they give themselves permission to disagree with ideas that just don’t resonate for them. People typically want to discuss this book after reading it, because it is stimulating and thought provoking. Yet, as I mentioned in my previous post, there are some ideas in the book that, to me, lack a certain veracity and may not be true for everyone. I know that some ideas in the book are not true for me, so I am sure this may be the same for others. For clients who read this book, I have found it only creates more anxiety and confusion if I do not first remind them that it is perfectly fine to say, “No, I don’t think so,” as well as “Yes, I agree” to certain ideas. This is especially true if people are feeling lost and vulnerable. Just because something is in a book does not make it more true than each individual’s own inner truth. Like many spiritual books, this book does tend to come across as if it is The-Answer-For-Everyone. But, as we all know, a book is only one person’s point of view on the Divine. It is not necessarily the way for everyone.

For these reasons, I prefer using a “blended” approach with Divine Openings works better because it helps people benefit from this modality in a more balanced way. Clients appreciate an opportunity to be supported on their path of healing or growth, without feeling like it is somehow a sign of weakness to do so. A blended approach leaves more room for each individual to find their own truth, to take what works and to discard the rest. I have found that a pure Divine Openings follow-the-Jones-book approach tends to leave people feeling like they have somehow failed if they don’t agree with everything as promoted in the book.

From a healer’s point of view, working with the consciousness aspect of this modality, or the Presence, is distinctly different than with other energy modalities, such as Reiki. Divine Openings is not about “sending” energy in the way many people have gotten used to thinking about energy work. In fact, it’s not about doing anything specific at all. It’s more about holding and activating a field of consciousness, or what’s known as the “fertile void”. The void is a field of infinite possibility, an awareness, a state of very expanded consciousness. It is called “the void”’ because it is where everything comes from and eventually goes back to, although in of itself, there is nothing really there. Connecting to and activating this field is not a chi-based way of working, like in Reiki, quantum touch, therapeutic touch, or qi gong. The best I can describe is that I think Divine Openings it is more of a transmission of consciousness, rather than a sending of energy through the hands. Certainly, the hands of a Divine Openings giver are activated to do this service, but it is not the hands that are actually “sending” anything energetic into the body.

I’m enjoying working with the consciousness piece of Divine Openings, and am using it with most of my clients in some capacity now. It’s a lot of fun. Because I use a “blended” approach, I do not advertise that I offer Divine Openings as a specific modality, since the founder of this modality insists that no other healing modalities should be used. I have found a way to incorporate and blend this modality that works beautifully, and I’m excited to see how things continue to move!

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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