For stress relief, sometimes pure energetic work can be useful when people are dealing with the bazillions of things that must be confronted every day. It can be useful in getting people out of stress and overwhelm, and helping people feel better. Sometimes it’s just the right thing that will make the difference.

From my pov, anything is better than people having to take muscle relaxants and crack their joints all day long to get relief, when they’re feeling a lot of physical tension. Here’s a story you might appreciate.

Recently”Amelia” came into my office rubbing her neck and shoulders and plopped down in front of me. A gorgeous tall brunette with big brown sparkling eyes, she was exhausted from being in school for nursing and also working part time.

While she was telling me about the myriad of things going on in her world, I noticed how she kept holding her head with her hands to twist it until her neck cracked.

“Why do you do that?” I asked.

“I have to,” she replied. “If I don’t, my neck gets so tight that I literally can’t stand it. I have to crack it to relieve the pressure.”

She said that she thought it might be because of all the studying she was doing. But I also knew that that was only part of it. This problem had been bothering her for many years. And I knew that Amelia was carrying a boatload of other stress that had nothing to do with exams. That was why she had come in to see me to begin with.

She told me that she did see a chiropractor for her neck. Naturally I was curious. Did it help?

“A little bit,” she replied. “But only very temporarily.” She said that although she liked her chiropractor, she didn’t really enjoy the actual experience of getting chiropractic work. So she was literally cracking her neck up to 10 times a day to try to loosen herself up.

Crack eggs, not your neck

I was surprised. Why would she need to keep doing that, if chiropractic was working. Why was it only very short temporary relief?

I asked Amelia if she was open to me doing some technical energy work on her neck for a bit, just to see what we could do. She was open to it.

I first grounded her energy, which I always do for everyone. Then I did some gentle energetic exploration of her neck. I was immediately flooded with heat, which is always my indicator of trapped, stagnant energy that needs to move. It was so hot I started to sweat. I had to turn on the fan in my office.

For 30 minutes I went on an excavation. I was literally on a hunt, looking for what I can only describe as energetic cysts that were locked in her body. I would find them in the discs of her neck as well as in the muscles and tendons.

The left side of Amelia’s neck was loaded with blockages every few angles of her neck’s range of motion. Every time I found one, I’d feel a blast of heat move through me as I helped move the tight, blocked energy out. The right side was even more compacted. Nothing there wanted to move at all. It felt like the a frozen, stubborn tundra.

I told her that I would only do a little bit of work first, about 10 minutes, just to see how she liked it. Sometimes when someone is really, really tight, (to the point that their own chiropractor claims that they have the neck of someone who has been in a major car wreck), my preference is to work slowly first.

A test is a great start 

When we were done, she said she really liked it. I told her that there was much more to do, but this was an encouraging start.

She liked it so much she came back again a few weeks later, asking me to do more of the same.

So I did, this time in more depth. This time the right side of her neck was more open to having congestion move. I had to work in micro movements, millimeters if you will. Each slightly different angle yielded a different result. I was seeking heat, and I found the places where little pockets of stuck energies were hanging out. Each time I found one, I felt the same blast of heat as it released. And this time more from the right side than the left side of her neck.

When Amelia got off the table, she was shocked.

“My neck hasn’t felt this good in years!” she said, moving her neck easily. “It’s amazing! Oh my God, I feel like I’m floating!”

“Well good, but don’t let it get so bad,” I said. “Cracking your neck 10 times a day can’t be great for you.”

I checked in with her a couple weeks later. How did this type of work compare to seeing a chiropractor?

“Much better,” she said. “It lasts a lot longer. And it feels much more relaxing. I much prefer it.”

I don’t know if it has a special name and it doesn’t really matter — it just works

What I did with Amelia is decidedly not Reiki because it is specific, directed, and carefully laser focused. I’m sure it has a special name or technique, as I’ve come across it from multiple energy instructors that call it different things. But by the time I officially learned them from other people, I had already been doing it on my own. In my mind, it’s a way to locate pockets of stuck energetic blocks in the body and release them. Once that happens, people can get some much-needed relief.

Whatever works. If it works, I do it…

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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