energy healing

The biggest mistake people make with “Stress Management”

It's not the solution people think it is, if it’s mostly about coping instead of thriving. “Susan” sat in my office, looking downcast and discouraged. Energetically, she was barely there -- her aura looked very diffuse, blotchy grey and ragged. It told me me that...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Spiritual Practice – A Quick Tip

Hope you find this simple tip useful! It was faster for me to explain in a video clip than write it all down. I really wanted to get this piece out... What do you think? I welcome your comments! Before you go ... Would you like a great way to feel better fast when...

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It’s Not the Surgery That Makes People Wonky, It’s the Anesthesia — Energy Work Can Help To De-Wonkify

The other day, “Steve” wobbled in to my office for an emergency appointment. I took one look at him and his aura, and said,“You look weird.” I had worked on Steve before but had never seen him quite like this. I felt like I had to literally squint to see him in the...

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