Ever feel like you’re running out of time to “figure it all out” in life? Like somehow you missed the memo that went out from the Divine or that misread the cosmic tea leaves?

If so, you’re not alone.

Many people feel an intense yearning to understand how and why things happen as they do. It can be frustrating when nothing seems to make sense. I know because I used to feel that way.

It’s like being stuck in rush hour traffic, with one foot onthe gas and the other on the brake. The constant questioning and seeking for answers can be exhausting.

For me, I was sure there was an answer somewhere. And doggone it, it was my spiritual responsibility to find it.

Years later, I still can’t say I have figured everything out. But I have found one simple brain burp that has helped. It’s so embarrassingly obvious but it does put things in perspective. Want to know what it is?

First, let’s back up for a moment for some context. Let’s assume that you have probably had many past lifetimes.

(Some of you already know you have. Or maybe you’re not sure. Or maybe you don’t believe in past lives at all, and if that’s the case,  that’s fine — just humor me anyway…)

Maybe you were a peasant woman in ancient Greece. Or a soldier during the Ottoman Empire. Or a healer in Tibet. Or maybe you hunted buffalo as a Native American out on the plains.

Who knows. The point is, in each of these lifetimes, you had experiences and acquired wisdom. And your soul is continuing it’s journey going through time, having lifetime after lifetime, including the one you’re having right now. According to some esoteric thought, this process continues until at some point, you’re evolved enough and then you’re “done”. At that point, you don’t come back in human form anymore. You’re on to something else.

(What, we don’t quite know exactly. But something…)

Obviously you, lovely human, aren’t done yet, or you would not be here right now, reading this on planet Earth.

So if you know you have had many previous lifetimes (and some of you know this very clearly), isn’t it likely that you will have many more?

I mean, you do you really think you will be completely done with everything and have nothing else to learn after this current lifetime?

No, probably not. It’s possible, of course. You might be one of the few sages walking around who has mastered everything there is to master. But if that were you, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place. You wouldn’t have any need to ponder the answers to these sorts of questions.

It’s more likely than not that you will be back because there’s always more to explore, to glean, to learn, to experience.

So here’s the question: If you know you’ve had a ton of past lives and you know you will have more future lives, what’s the rush to learn the secret of everything in this life?

What’s the rush?

Is it to be happier? To bypass all pain? To skip every possible mistake and pothole in the road?

It’s so understandable. Indeed, humans yearn for certainty and security in a chaotic, unpredictable world. There are so many things that are either unknown or unknowable, and that bugs the heck out of us.

It doesn’t help that there are spiritual teachers out there who present the idea that you can get everything you want by understanding how life works — if only you could be spiritually advanced enough to pull it off.

No wonder people go down the rabbit hole. No wonder folks get exhausted.

It’s ironic that the whole idea that we must evolve quickly is, in itself, unevolved. It’s egoic and doesn’t make much spiritual sense. It only adds more pressure. Life is challenging enough without
the need to do spiritual gymnastics to get somewhere other than where you are.

After all, you would never write off all your past lifetimes as failures. Why would you do that? Just because you are here now? Each experience is valuable. Each enables you to develop more wisdom. Each one leads to the next opportunity for more growth.

Life is never wasted.

So slow down. Relax and just do your best. Let go of the need to rush through this life or second-guess the Divine on everything. And in sitting with the vastness of your spirit, The Real You emerges easier.

If you need more help getting out of the spiritual rush hour, give me a shout. Life is short. Have more fun.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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Adele Wang
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