Sometimes, neat little things happen in peoples’ sessions that remind me that Grace has dropped in to take care of the work. Of course, Grace is always present in what I do. There’s no question about that. And at the same time, it is always fun to get manifestations that one can actually see and ponder…

This week, a lady who was struggling with some deep sorrow over a family situation visited my practice. We talked a bit about what was going on in her world. Life has not been easy for her these past few years, and her heart was very heavy. She said she had been talking a lot with her angels lately, asking for guidance. I encouraged her to continue doing that, and also to let her angels do more of the heavy lifting during this difficult time.

After a few more minutes of discussion, she got on the table, and I turned down all the lights in the room. I left on only one small one, which casts a nice soothing dim light. I started to do my work in silence. Immediately, I could feel the Grace pouring into the room at full speed. The silence took on that special tone that I know is deeply healing and transformative for people. It is in that profound stillness when I know some deep shifts happen, things go way beyond what my mind can conceive or imagine.

After an hour, at the exact moment I began to think about closing the session, one of the other lamps in the room suddenly turned on, all by itself. It was quite odd. I never use that particular lamp because I find its light, especially the second-level light on it, overly harsh.

Lying on the table, my client opened her eyes and murmured, “Hmm, what was that?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “It’s never done that before.”

I was standing a good 4 feet away from the lamp and had not touched it. Nothing in the room had moved, or could account for making this lamp turn on by itself. My client was on the table, and was just coming out of a deep state of relaxation. Meanwhile, no one else was around the office, so it could not have been due to external interference.

I looked at this lamp. Instead of being overly bright and harsh like I might have expected, the light actually felt very gentle and soothing. Warm, comforting, and even golden. The room was full of the most profound feeling of gentle comfort, and peace. And oddly enough, at that moment, it also felt like the most normal thing to me, to have a lamp that would magically turn itself on at the right time, saving me the trip of having to turn walk across the room to turn on a light to end the session. It was as if I had an assistant that knew what to do and the precise moment to do it. Had that lamp lit itself a moment sooner, it would have been an unwelcome interruption to the session.

My client and I both stared at the lamp for a moment.

“Well, it looks like more light is coming in for you,” I said. My client laughed, thoroughly appreciating the message.

After she left, (feeling greatly revitalized), I examined the oddly-behaving lamp. It is stand-alone floor lamp model, the kind that has two levels of lights on it. To turn on the first-level light, you have to firmly turn the switch one complete “click”. To turn on the second level light, you have to turn the switch another complete “click.” Turning the switch a third rotation turns on both lights, and a forth twist turns off both lights.

How did the lamp go from being completely off to turning on its second-level light, all by itself? The way the lamp is designed, when the whole unit is turned off, you cannot just turn on the second-level light without turning on the first-level light first. Mechanically, it’s impossible.

I don’t know how it did that. Yet I do know, in a way I cannot explain, that the angels wanted both of us to know they were there to help us. I have no doubt they wanted to send a message to my client. Perhaps they wanted me to know they were there to help me with the work as well. It is the most beautiful and joyous feeling in the world, to know that the presence of the Divine is always there, for me and my clients. It always supports and encourages us as we find our way in this thing called “life”.

I love my angel visits!

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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