I’m often struck at how it’s sometimes hard to describe what it is that I do, as a healer. In real life, people often ask me, in sort of a quizzical way, “Adele, what is it that you do, exactly?” I laugh, because I understand their curiousity. I understand that more and more people are wanting to know about energy, and how energy work can optimize their health. I’m also noticing a quiet yearning in people, to have more of the sacred in life, to expand, explore and better understand “this stuff,” for lack of a better word.

In answering the question of what I do, I do have some simple answers that satisfy most people reasonably well, without actually saying much at all. For example, I might say that I use energetic approaches to help people optimize their health. Or I might simply say that I am a Reiki practitioner, which is not the full answer, since I do more than only Reiki. Folks may not understand what these answers mean, exactly, but they get enough of the gist to appreciate that I do “something with energy.” Explaining my work in more detail would take a bit more work. I thought it’d be good for me to compose my thoughts in this blog post, and hopefully make a little bit of sense to people.

In talking or blogging about energy healing, it is fairly easy to talk about energy work and spiritual healing in a general or theoretical way. We can, for example, talk about the profession, or different kinds of work available, or the basic “what energy work can do for you” kinds of discussions. But beyond a certain point, to touch on the more powerful aspects of what really happens in healing, there are often no words that adequately describe this work. Not in a way that would make sense from a logical standpoint, anyway. I think that is because much of what happens in healing is not logical. As Carolyn Myss once stated, ultimately, healing is, at its fundamental core, a mystical process more than a logical one.

It’s hard for me to describe a typical session because there isn’t really one. No two clients are alike and sessions can be very different. There are so many different ways to work with energy that it is impossible to generalize. I can say that the first thing I usually do is to literally catch the tone of the client’s energetic signature. Like how an owl uses extraordinary hearing to listen for things miles away, I use some skills to catch the unique sounds of someone’s spirit. Once I catch that signature, I just follow it. It tells me what to do.

For example, some people have energetic signatures that tell me they need a lot of discussion in their sessions for where they are right now. So we might do some talking, and as I listen, I tune in even more to where they are, energetically. Energy and consciousness is already moving and expanding in the room, just from the nature of awareness being present, and this happens even before the client gets on the table. I’m listening on a level that isn’t so much about the words but deeper, into the level of their spirit. Sometimes, being able to finally speak one’s truth (and being truly heard for it), is the thing people need the most. They might not yet be aware of it yet. But as this awareness comes in, it’s as if they are developing a color in to their energetic repertoire that has been missing a long time. At first, it’s like a fledgling, precious, emerging color on the palette. At some point, that new energetic wisdom gets firmly grounded and integrated in the client’s body, and their lives start to change as a result. It never fails to surprise me how quickly peoples’ lives can move, once their energy shifts.

For other people, lots of discussion about certain issues isn’t as helpful. This is often the case when people hold an energetic pattern that keeps them always analyzing their feelings, rather than really feeling them. It’s a very common pattern, one I understand. For these folks, I might also notice some interesting things going on in their chakras and be guided to go more in a non-verbal way with them, until such time they are better able to feel what needs to be felt through. In these cases, very little might be said. These clients might spend most of the time on the table, while I do some energetic things to support them.

Some people show up so energetically depleted and emotionally exhausted, in such a state of adrenal fatigue, that the whole hour is spent with them on the table, in what I call “emergency energetic repair”. From my pov, it’s like building a house. If the foundation is not restored, in terms of restoring some basic energetic balance, it is difficult for folks to heal their bodies of any health issues, work on issues of the heart, or do much of anything else, for that matter. Although there’s usually a reason why they are chronically exhausted to begin with, my first course of action is to help people regain their energetic footing. Once that has been restored, the next steps might be some gentle spiritual inquiry, in terms of how and why they continue to live a life of chronic exhaustion. This kind of work can be deeply transformative and rewarding for people. I get to witness self empowerment coming into peoples’ fields, right before my eyes, when people start to notice what their soul has been trying to tell them for a long time. It’s exciting when the soul reclaims its role in the life that is being created.

The same diversity in energetic approaches applies when I work with people with physical illnesses. Although multiple people may show up iwth the similar physical illnesses, their energy sessions are always different. For example, I get many clients dealing with migraine headaches. With some of them, I might be drawn to first look at what is going on, from a strict body energetic point of view, especially in their craniosacral system. I might notice there is something in the energetic field that suggests that there was injury to the head or neck at one point, and I might want to look there more, for more energetic work. With other clients, I might see a strange blob in their aura and be drawn to ask them about the situation with their spouse. Othertimes, people may present one physical complaint, such as migraines, but energetically I may notice something different, bubbling right under the surface, such as an ulcer. It may look like a strange blob of textured stuff hovering in the air between me and the client. Or it may look like an odd color, or even a sound in my ear that just will not go away, or an interesting feeling in my stomach. I’ll notice later, after I’ve spent time calming down the client’s angry stomach, that the migraine has released on its own. I do not know how and why I see and hear what I do, but I do know that this information is coming from somewhere beyond the immediate situation. I trust what I get.

After sessions are over, I always laugh when clients report being at a loss of words, when they are back at home with their family or friends and asked to describe what happened in their sessions.

“What was it like?” my clients typically get asked.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain,” my clients will often say.

I think it’s hard for people to describe their experiences with energy work because the work often takes them into a state of expanded awareness. It feels whole, peaceful and empowering. it’s a state that just doesn’t have any words. Feeling of expansion of one’s consciousness is not a left-brained activity. Because of this, I suspect maybe the brain has trouble finding words that match the experience. So people may use the next-best choice of words, such as mentioning that they feel “more relaxed,” perhaps. Or they may note that their sleep has improved, or they feel less anxious. And of course, last but not least, they often notice improvements in their physical condition, such as having fewer migraines, experiencing less back pain, needing less medication for colitis, recovering from surgery faster, etc.

This “stuff” that I work with, the energies of the body, heart, and spirit, has no words. It is difficult to describe what happens. I can only say that the spirit has tremendous wisdom and guidance for us in what we need, for our physical and emotional healing. This is especially the case when we are faced with serious illnesses and stressful situations. Through wisdom and awareness, the spirit emerges into its full presence, and with that, a stronger sense of wholeness and wellness in the physical body. I’m honored to be part of this path for many people.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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