“Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. And you should be less judgmental.” 
How many of you have heard this? And maybe you’ve tried very hard to remind yourself of this amidst the events of the past 18 months.
I’ll be honest, it’s been hard for me to not feel some sort of judgement over the last year. The events of the past year-and-a-half have challenged a lot of people, including me. Between the election, the pandemic and massive social change, lots of people have felt polarized from each other. Friendships have been challenged, and sometimes even family relationships have been tested.
And it’s still intense, even though the election is long gone now and the pandemic is (hopefully) starting to get under control. The impact of change is still very raw in our world right now. 
Add to all this the spiritual mantra that we shouldn’t be judgmental, and many people feel confused as to what to do and how to be with it all.
It’s not easy. I do believe that though, that no matter what diametrically opposed opinions people may hold, everyone is looking for the best outcome. And everyone is doing their best, even if doesn’t always seem that way. 

Do the best you can amidst the chaos. In the meantime, if you get stuck, well, humor can sometimes help… 

What do you think? I welcome your comments! 

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Adele Wang
Certified energy healer and mentor, helping sensitive, spiritual, perfectionist women create happiness and success in an imperfect world!

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