Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit. 

Can you relate to the clip above? Especially if you’re standing on a stump sharing your message with the world? LOL!

Thank God for Buddy’s canine wisdom.  

This morning in the shower, I started laughing at myself. Everything felt so absurd in that moment when I was lathering up the shampoo in my hair. 

How hilarious that our own minds simply struggle to regulate themselves. Over the weekend, I found myself so caught up in my own head and I didn’t realize it until my puppy reminded me by chewing on a piece of leather furniture in the den. 

Needless to say, I was NOT HAPPY.

How could this have happened? I fumed. After all, I’m right here, working from home. How was it that I missed Buddy’s call for attention?

That’s what so funny about the way our minds work. We’re often simply not aware we’re overheated in our thinking. Until we are. Puppy or no puppy.

Some sort of built-in noise mechanism could be useful!

I wish there could be some sort of sound or noise associated with my minds’ machinery that would alert me when I’m thinking too much. A big blaring horn would be just fine. Not too loud. Nothing as obnoxious as a suburban leaf blower. Just something that would be enough to snap me out of going down mental rabbit holes that I don’t need to go down. 

I mean, sometimes my mind just takes off, literally within a blink of an eye. Silently, quickly and sometimes in a very sneaky and slippery way. And before you know it, I’ve been checked out of the present for half an hour and I didn’t even know it…

For example, the situation with my puppy and a chewed up leather sofa happened because I allowed myself to get too caught up overthinking about social media. I had listened to one too many webinars by content gurus shouting at me to post more. 

Post more! More and more! Faster, faster! 

Well, my mind took off like a rabbit down a rabbit hole. I read about how social media is changing the world, our brains, our attention span, everything. And the more I read, the more anxious I got inside

For one thing, it all started to feel like madness. It all felt so…unnatural.

And then I was convinced I’d be drowned out in the literal noise of social media, with everyone shouting louder and louder to be heard above the fray.

I found myself comparing myself to everyone else. I was convinced no one would be interested in what I had to say.

My poor brain, smoking from overwhelm. I had allowed my mind to hijack my own peace. 

And then this thought came to me that I thought I’d share with you:

And I’ve been mad at myself for not posting more on my own blog. Like, right here. I mean, I LOVE writing. So, WTF? Why does this blog, a thing I enjoy creating, always get pushed to the bottom of all the other stuff I’m doing? What is the stuff of life supposed to be about, if we’re not spending our time doing stuff that we actually enjoy?

Meanwhile, as you can see in the video clip, my dog Buddy doesn’t have this problem of overthinking or comparing. 

Hope this video clip brings a smile to your face. If it does for one person, I’ll consider it a success.

Rock on.

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