Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kurt Peterson of Kurt is an energy healer who specializes in working with cancer patients. His work is unusual from that of many other healers. For one thing, his website states an impressive success rate with his work with cancer patients, along with blurb that Kurt is “the most effective energy healer for cancer in the world.” It states:

“With a client list of over 1,400 individuals worldwide, I consider myself to be an expert in this field. I’ve been providing this type of alternative cancer therapy now since 1999. To date, I have helped to put 975* clients in a complete remission. As with any type of therapy or treatment for cancer there are no guarantees. I am able to go “head to head” with the top Oncology Doctors in the world and beat their 1 year and 5 year survival rates with my form of energy healing for cancer.

*This remission rate figure is the number of individuals that went on to a complete remission within a one year time frame after being worked on by Kurt. About one third of the individuals that go into remission have had their cancer return in under five years. Based on these figures, about 3 out of 4 people that Kurt treats will will go onto remission within a year. Of those, 2 out of 3 will still be in remission at five years. No followup is done past five years.”

Naturally, when I first came across his site, I was very curious. After all, I read a lot of research on energy healing. Frankly, it would be unusual for anyone to have success rates with cancer as high as he reports. I was intrigued with the data on his site and number of testimonials from Stage 4 cancer survivors. Since I work with cancer clients myself, I am always on the look-out for new information out in the field. I think it makes me a better healer to keep up with what the pioneers in the field are doing, especially if I can learn from them. I also like to think that by collecting and publishing interviews like this one, it can help move the energy healing profession forward.

After reviewing his information, I wanted to know more about how Kurt works. There was something in his approach that interested me. I could sense that his method is markedly different than that of other energy healing modalities.

I contacted Kurt for an interview, and he graciously agreed to talk with me on the phone.. Here are some highlights from of our conversation:

AW: Kurt, how did you get into healing? Your background is very interesting. I read you actually started out in the department of defense?

KP: Yes I did. Actually, to really explain how I got started in all of this, I’d need to go back even farther than that. Ever since my earliest memory, maybe around age 3 or 4, I always knew there was something a little different between me and my friends and playmates. I always had a 6th sense of connection of things around me. I would predict things that I would discuss with my parents. Inevitably these things would come true. It got to the point where my parents were startled by it, in a sense they’d tell me not to discuss these things with anyone outside the house. Because back then, there was really no explanation. It was considered almost wrong to predict these things, to have some sort of psychic ability. There was no open dialog on these things like we have today. It was suppressed. I always say children are very psychic and sensitive to nature and everything around hem. By the time we’re adults, we’re told by other adults telling us these things. We’ve lost all of these gifts. I believe we all of us are born with.

AW: Yes, I fully agree with you there…

KP: Then as a teen, I’d go to movies with my friends. We’d sit in the back grow in the theatre. As a game, I would ask my friends to pick out anyone in the front row. They’d point to a person. I’d say,“Watch, I’ll bet a dollar I can get that person to turn around within 30 seconds.” Then I’d stare at the back of the person’s skull, from 30 rows back. Invariably, within 15 – 20 seconds, that person would completely turn their head and look behind them, as if someone had been touching their shoulder. This would make my friends laugh, of course. Through things like that, I developed the ability to project energy. Not to be doing anything harmful, maybe just in a fun sort of way.

Later on, entering into my 20s, I had contacted the department of the Army. They had a program in place for remote viewers. I had been told they were looking for people with psychic ability that they could train for remote viewing. I applied and was accepted. I spent the next 4 months on a military base in the south. I trained with 15 other individuals. We learned techniques that other previous remote viewers had developed.

AW: Yes, I am familiar with remote viewing. I have a couple friends that have pursued it.

KP: I never worked full time with the Department of Defense. It was a part time job. There have been years I haven’t worked with them, other years where I’ve worked several months with them. The last time I worked with them was in 2007, in Iraq, for 4 ½ months. Much of this has been released on Freedom of Information Act. The goal was to remotely find targets that are interest or value to the U.S. We use our minds to find hidden weapons, people, things like this.

AW: Your work in Iraq as a remote viewer must have really stretched your ability to look in the body. It makes sense with this ability, for healing work.

KP: Absolutely. A lot of things that have benefited the civilian population have their roots in the military, and this is one of them.

Well, my wife had had asthma since childhood. I was able to put my hands on her when she was having an attack and stop the attack. I used this to practice on her, to be able to clear her lungs up to the level where she never had an attack since. After that, I wondered if this was a fluke or was it something I could experiment with? So I actually sought out people with different illnesses, bad back, cancer, to neurological disorders, diabetics with wounds in their legs, to assist in rapid healing. I practiced for a couple years and I felt I was on to something here. I began to charging for my services. I went from an amateur to a professional. I also set up a website. Along the way, I did things by word of mouth. One person I healed would tell another person. Those two people would tell four, then eight. This snowballed and I started attracting patients from all over the world.

I noticed for a solid year that I was attracting patients that were coming to me for minor things, bad backs, achy joints, headaches. And I thought, with the amount of time I’ve put into this, I want to go after the big things. I want to really help people where it will change their life. I also noticed the cancer people I had worked on were getting me feedback with very high remission rates.

So we switched the name of my website to, and targeted only cancer patients. From that point on, I’ve only treated cancer patients. And I’ve been very happy with that. The results we’ve gotten are spectacular. Some people claim I’m the best energy healer with cancer. I’ve been very successful.

AW: It sounds fabulous. On your website, you mention an approach you use, called the “DNA Signature Destruction Method.” Can you describe what this is?

KP: Sure. Well, I had been working on a lot of cancer clients with my own hands, using my own energy. What I discovered is that it is pretty difficult to target every cancer cell in the human body. After a session, when a person has walked out, even if you destroy 99 percent of the cancer cells, that remaining 1 percent becomes 100 percent again, very quickly. Cancer is one of those illnesses where you have to destroy every single cell or it comes back. A surgeon will go in and try to cut out a tumor. Surgeons are always worried about whether they should scrape out more tissue. There’s no way to easily tell. Cancer cells in the human body are measured in the millions, if not billions. So to detect one or two or a couple hundred cells is very difficult, if not impossible.

So I developed a method that allowed me to target a specific tumor, using my own energy.

AW: You use your own energy?

KP: Yes. I know other methods of energy healing may use energy from the environment or other places, but I use my own energy. I shoot it into the body of the client.

AW: I see…

KP: I often use the analogy of an egg beater, when I’m explaining this to people. It’s like using an egg beater to go into a tumor area. I crank it out, scrambling those cells to the point that, even if they don’t die off that day, I will have scrambled their signature and memory so much they lose their ability to reproduce.

All cells, including cancer cells, have a predetermined life span. You can turn that mechanism off, or speed it up to where the cell needs to die off quickly, or make it so that the cells are unable to reproduce. You can speed things up so that a cell dies more rapidly.

AW: I see. Your approach is aggressive, which is different from other kinds of energetic work, which seem more focused on balancing the energy of the body and supporting the immune system.

KP: Yes, my way is different. You have to be destructive with cancer. The reason is that cancer cells grow so fast. Often times, by the time the patient has been diagnosed, they only have a few months left to live. They don’t have time for multiple sessions, over and over. I only work with people one time. And I always tell my clients that 1 out of 4 people that I work on still won’t work out. They’ll die. Some peoples’ bodies are very resistant to any sort of outside intervention, and including conventional radiation and surgery.

AW: You only work with people one time. That is unusual, compared to other methods.

KP: Yes. 8 hours one time. We start at 8:30 in the morning and end around 6:00 pm, with some breaks in between.

AW: I’ve never considered working for 8 hour straight. I’ve always worked in one hour time slots, due to the scheduling setup at the office…

KP: Well, you need that amount of time to get all the cancer.

AW: I’ve tried working with cancer in a similar way to how you’ve described, using a different technique which has an aggressive approach. It was so exhausting my knees were shaking. I can’t imagine doing it for 8 hours straight…

KP: Yes, it is very tiring. There have been times when I almost passed out…

AW: It tells me you’re in pretty good shape. You’d have to be, to work this way.

KP: I’m pretty healthy.

AW: You’re familiar with how other energy modalities work, which tend to be more about balancing and supporting the immune system…

KP: Yes I know that other modalities focus more on balancing the body, and that’s fine. I do think that over time, however, more energy work will start to move in the approach I’ve been using. Because it works.

AW: So what does cancer look like to you, when you work?

KP: Cancer cells look yellowish, greenish color to me. They stand out from surrounding healthy tissue. This allows me to pinpoint a tumorous area to work on. Healthy tissue just appears as a greyish, almost silvery grey color. There’s usually a lot of heat with cancer. I pin point and zoom in. My method is very accurate and it needs to be, because in my experience, it is the only way you can really wipe out a cancerous area.

AW: Can you explain a bit about the protocol of how you work?

KP: I talk to every client 3 times on the phone before we get started, to determine if I can help them or if I can’t. If we do agree to work together, on the day of treatment, the first thing I do is a 45 minute top and down visual scan of the patient’s body. I take notes, and check out the areas of cancer. My methodology is the same, regardless of cancer type.

With kids, I have to go a bit lighter in the intensity, since their bodies aren’t able to take a lot of energy intervention, but that’s OK. Because their cells are still growing. Kids are one of my favorite groups to work on, versus an 85 year old. After all, after a certain point in life, all cancer cells in the body are age related. It’s not that I don’t want to help people in their 80s. It’s just that there are some cancers that, if you live long enough, you’ll get them. Also, with older people, even if they go into remission, within a year or two, cancer comes back or they develop another cancer somewhere else. Cancer is age related.

AW: And what do you do with your own energy, once you send it in to them?

KP: I use my own energy to beat these cancer cells, to scramble them. Let’s say a person has liver cancer. I place my hand there, going up under the rib cage. I am visually projecting my consciousness into the patient’s body. I shoot it into the tumor or affected area. And then I use a vibration technique .When I shoot the energy and when it hits a cancerous area, it stops. Then I use a sandpaper effect to sand it down. It’s an energy that’s shaking or vibrating, like fine sandpaper. A thousands beats per second. It breaks things up in the tumor area.

AW: Do you explain much to people on what you’re doing?

KP: No, not too much. If I put any preconceived notions in their mind, that can sometimes be negative. I just want them to allow me to do my best, period. There are a lot of notions that energy healing is anti-Christian. And my question back to those folks is, “Do you ask what religion your doctor is?”

AW: Exactly…

KP: Only to healers do people ask such things… [laughs]

AW: I agree.

KP: Well, what can you do…

AW: And what do patients typically notice after a session with you?

KP: After a session, patients sometimes experience bloody nose, abdominal cramping, and migraines for a few days. Then those things go away. It takes about 90 days after the session for people to go into remission.

AW: I’m curious — do you talk to clients at all about what may have contributed to the cancer, such as emotional stress? That is an area that a lot of healers pay attention to.

KP: I do a little bit of that, but not a whole lot. During the course of the day of treatment, I do delve into what has gotten them to that point in their life. Usually a major traumatic event happened 1 or 2 years before the cancer developed…

AW: Yes, I notice the same thing also in my work, about the timing of cancer…

KP: Something happened that knocked down the patient’s immune system, allowing cancer to develop. So I do talk to them. And I might suggest they get some help for the stress with a therapist, for example.

AW: Kurt, why do you prefer to work on people with Stage 3 and 4 cancer, as opposed to Stage 1?

KP: The main reason is that Stage 1 is very treatable with conventional medicine. There are a lot of good methods available, and those treatments have good success rates. For example, for prostate cancer, it might only involve a 1 hour surgical operation and that would be it. This is why early detection and treatment of cancer is so important.

But by the time a cancer reaches Stage 3 and 4, people don’t have much time left. I usually get people after they have already gone the conventional route. I like working on Stage 3 and 4 because it gives people one more thing to try, one more alternative, when they have already tried what standard medicine has to offer. I like to give people who have been told “there’s nothing more we can do for you” an alternative, compared to someone who has a 90 percent cure rate, such as with testicular cancer.

Hmm, I suppose that might sound kind of, well, egoic, to think that way?

AW: No, not at all. Actually, it makes sense to me. I might feel the same way too…

KP: There are just some very good procedures available for certain cancer types, especially in the early stages. These procedures are available and they work. But some cancers don’t respond, once they have metasticized.

So, if I can only take 1 of two people and I am given a choice between someone with Stage 1 and someone with Stage 4 cancer, I choose the patient with the more advanced cancer. It’s a better use of my time. People with advanced cancer really need my work. Someone with Stage 4 cancer will die if they don’t get help. They don’t have much time, while people with Stage 1 cancers have more options and more time.

AW: Some people don’t have much time left…

KP: Exactly.

AW: I also noticed on your website that you studied with a shaman in Peru, Javier Medina. How did working with a shaman influence your work?

KP: Oh, I learned so many things from Javier. I met Javier in New Mexico in 200. He invited me to go down to Peru and train with him. He showed me the possibility of the impossible, with certain belief systems. Things I thought couldn’t be done can be done.

He taught me how to vibrate my energy using a point in my palm, to pinpoint, stalk and target a specific tumor. Not to just blast my energy. He taught me to open my mind to what could be done, what is possible. I also learned that there is more than one way to do something. Keep learning. Shamans use a different treatment than mine. But it is effective.

AW: Yes, I’ve noticed that there are many different ways of working with energy. And the thing is, they all work. But they’re not the same, either. My way of working seems to be more shamanic.

KP: A lot of energetic healing comes from shamanic healing. As does information on herbs.

AW: We talked about how your approach is an aggressive and destructive one with cancer. Do you ever use the approach from other side of the house, which is the more balancing and immune amplifying approach that many healers use? Reiki, qi gong, etc?

KP: I have used it, but because people are paying a lot to see me, I feel like I should focus on what I do well, which is getting rid of the cancer. People just want the cancer gone. I just say let me do my thing…

AW: What would you recommend for the energy healing profession moving forward?

KP: It’s important energy healers come together with MDs to work hand-in-hand. Kind of how you are working with an MD in your office. That’s the way to do it. Right now, there is still division, a sense of us-vs.-them. Currently, medical doctors run the show. To advance what we do, we need to get inside a major hospital. It adds to the credibility of what we are doing.

AW: Absolutely…

KP: It also helps for healers to specialize. Pick one illness and focus on it. I like to specialize in cancer. I don’t work on any other illnesses. I want to be the go-to guy for cancer. So I read everything I can about cancer. The best path is to pick one specific illness, then go learn everything about that illness, and only treat that illness. Be the go-to person for that illness. Every case I work on makes me a bit more knowledgeable for the next case. Every client benefits from all my experience of all my clients. Specialize in one thing and get to be the best at it. It’s better for the patients.

AW: It has occurred to me that the field of energy healing is as broad as with standard allopathic medicine. People specialize in allopathic medicine. But in the energy field, it’s all treated the same. “It’s all energy”. But it’s not all the same…

KP: Exactly. MDs specialize. Energy healers should do the same. We would be accepted by the medical community faster than we are today. It’s another way to advance this profession and get beyond the “us vs. them” mentality.

AW: What suggestions do you have for healers?

KP: For new healers, (and by that I mean people just starting out in the field of energy healing, not necessarily their age), if you have the calling and the talent, don’t let criticism and other negative reactions to heart. Don’t give up because of what others think. People have said all kinds of crazy things to me. You’ll need to develop a thick skin. We need good healers.

Treat people for free. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t stop just because of criticism. You’ll be presented with ways to learn. Once you decide to be a healer, the universe will provide you with the right training opportunities. It’s important to do this work for the right reasons, not necessarily for the money.

AW: Thanks so much for talking with me today. It’s been a pleasure and I’m sure this will be of interest to a lot of people.

KP: You’re welcome!

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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