Recently, “Beverly” called me for a phone session. Right away, it was obvious she was feeling pretty miserable, both physically and emotionally. She told me that for more than 10 months, she had been experiencing a painful, tight knot in her stomach that never went away. Sometimes the tightness literally took her breath away. Also upsetting was the way that sometimes the painful knot would inexplicably move around inside her body.

For months, Beverly had gone to numerous doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and others but no one could determine what was wrong. She had had multiple tests done, including X-rays, MRIs and other kinds of scans. Doctor after doctor had checked her digestive track, including her stomach and her gall bladder. Everything that could have been checked by modern medicine had been checked. Yet all the scans and tests turned up negative results, and failed to find anything wrong.

This was beyond frustrating for Beverly. “I can’t live like this!” she cried. “I feel so horrible and I need some help! Adele, what’s wrong with me!? I’ve been to so many people and no one can tell me what’s wrong!”

I asked her to tell me more on what she was feeling. Beverly described feeling a constant, painful tightness in her lower stomach, just behind her navel. She said it felt like a knot the size of a golf ball. When I asked her to describe the knot, she said it was blue and hot. This golf ball pressure knot had been tormenting her constantly for over 10 months. Sometimes the pressure was so high that it was unbearable. She said it was as if a fist was punching into her body. Sometimes it would move inside her body, and it would move down to her right side, and then move back again. This made Beverly absolutely miserable. In fact, the night before we spoke, things had gotten so bad that she had been in a hospital ER having more tests run.

Immediately, even before Beverly finished talking, I had the strong impression that there was at least 1 energetic entity attached to her. I usually don’t go looking for entities, (a fancy word for foreign energies that don’t belong to people), so this impression surprised me a bit. But in this case, I could see something attached to Beverly’s energy field. It felt like a depression in her field, kind of like how meteorologists talk about a low pressure front hovering over a geographical area.

I decided not to mention what I saw to Beverly right away. First of all, I don’t like to talk about entities too much, because sometimes people can overreact and it just causes more issues than it solves. (“Oh no! Is it like on the X files??”) My preference is that if I can do some work that clears things up, quickly and easily, there wouldn’t be a need to even have a discussion about attachments.

So I used a bit of sound shamanism, right there on the phone.  Yet even as I sent the tones through the phone and into Beverly’s energy field, I still had the feeling that more would be needed. Whatever it was, it felt like it was a stubborn presence.

Just as I was trying to come up with a way to broach the subject in a nonthreatening way, Beverly told me that she had also been experiencing the most uncomfortable feeling that there had been spirits whispering loudly in her ear, and did I think she was completely crazy?

No, I didn’t think she was crazy, and in fact, it was the perfect opening I needed to start a conversation about something that often does sound crazy. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I could feel that this was not an issue of mental illness. It was about something that was attached to Beverly that didn’t need to be there.

I asked her who or what she sensed.

“A man and his son,” she replied, after a long moment. In her field, I could feel this whatever-it-was, so close, as if 3 inches away from her face. It didn’t feel malicious or “bad”. But it clearly felt out of time and space. More annoying than anything.

I asked Beverly to hold the intention that these energies needed to leave. Meanwhile, I did a bit more clearing using my voice. I directed the work right into her field at the place where I felt the energies had attached to her. Once I was done, I held the silence on the phone, just tuning in to the change.

“I felt that – it’s better,” she said.

I asked her to tune in and check to see if the presences were still there.

“The man is gone, but the boy is still here,” she said.

“About 5 years old?” I asked.


I instructed Beverly to go thru a simple body tapping sequence while talking to this little boy, while I held the space and opened up a channel to allow the foreign energy to move. This energy was attracted to Beverly and did not want to leave. We gently but firmly spoke to the energy of the little boy and told him that he was not allowed to use Beverly’s energy or her body anymore, and that he needed to leave. We reminded him that he had other things to do, as did Beverly, and he was not allowed to use her energy. We invited in the energy of the angels to help escort this little boy on to wherever he needed to go. It was a gentle process, and I gave Beverly the time she needed to absorb and process what she felt.

I asked Beverly to check again, and after a moment, she confirmed that this time, the presences were gone. She no longer felt that whatever-it-was right next to her ear.

With the foreign energies removed, I then turned my attention to her body in a different way. In our conversation, Beverly had shared with me some important clues that I felt were critical to what was going on. She told me she had very little memory of her childhood, and the memories she did have were quite sad. She had been abused by her father, and her mother had done nothing to protect her. I had the feeling that the body was actually acting as a reservoir to hold Beverly’s deep emotional pain, and that reservoir was now overflowing, unable to hold things check. I also had the feeling that the body was holding pain that Beverly did not consciously remember from her early childhood. That was possibly why it was all so confusing for her. She had felt like she had been getting “worse” for 10 months, but from my perspective, it was more like her body could no longer hold back so much emotional pain. Things was finally starting to shake loose because they needed to be healed. It’s not a bad thing, but at the same time, it is no fun at all when someone is going through it.

I knew this was a very sensitive place, and so I did my utmost to be as gentle and reassuring as possible.  I saw in Beverly’s field that what she really needed wasn’t more energy being sent to her. She needed help moving ‘stuck’ energy out. And more importantly, for the shift to stick, I knew I’d have to use a way that involved active engagement with her body and spirt at the same time. So I knew a silent approach wouldn’t work (qi gong, matrix energetics, energetic unwinding, Reiki, etc). The crisis and panic were simply too overwhelming, and I would need to engage with her in a way that addressed that pain.

After taking a moment to look at her field, I asked her, “Beverly, if that blue hot golf ball knot in your stomach held a feeling, what feeling do you think it might be?

Beverly thought for a moment, and then replied, “Disappointment.” I noticed she couldn’t quite give much more voice to that painful energetic. It was ok because in my body, as I “pinged” her, I could feel just how huge that disappointment was. It simply went beyond words.

We used EFT and did multiple rounds of tapping around the physical discomfort of the golf ball knot in her stomach. Then we moved into tapping on releasing the pain of that disappointment in the tight knot. For good measure, I had Beverly tap on disappointment she did not even consciously remember. (It is one of those things I thank God every day, that the way I work, it isn’t necessary that people remember every trauma in order to release it from their bodies). Then we mapped out how her body might have been just holding on to deep emotional pain until such time that it could be released. Now that Beverly was able to feel this sadness and make that connection with what she was feeling, her body didn’t have to hold on to it anymore.

Throughout the process, I asked Beverly to check in on the size, color and location of the knot. After about 25 minutes of work, she said that the blue, hot golf ball knot in her stomach had changed to a silver pinball-sized knot under her left arm. In addition, the knot was loosening. She also felt flash twinges of light pain throughout her body, but it was lighter, fleeting and tolerable.

I knew from my experience in working with the body’s energies that Beverly’s body was starting to loosen and release some very tightly held emotions. I knew this was a good thing.

Things were starting to loosen, and like they often do, Beverly was starting to be able to speak on what she was feeling inside. Beverly told me she was deeply disappointed with her financial situation and the fact that she had not yet met a suitable life partner. It was a source of deep, emotional pain. I felt a lot of empathy for her. More emotional pain that was heaped on top of the pain she had already been carrying since she was a little girl.

“Ooh, now I feel pain going down my left side!” she said, as I asked her to trace what the pain was doing now.

“Yes, but it is no longer a tight golf ball, right? More now like a wider shape, looser feeling, like a spread-out pancake?”

“Yes,” she said.

We continued to work some more. She reported that the silver pinball size knot in her stomach shrank even further, down to the size of a BB gun pellet. Smaller, less tight.

I knew in a crisis like this, it’s about working in layers. We moved through different layers of disappointment. I didn’t know how it was going to end. I never know. But I could feel the heat moving, and I trusted that.

By the end of the call, I asked Beverly how she felt. She was actually laughing. “I feel like I’m drunk!” she said. She reported that the painful pressure knot in her stomach was gone, though there were occasional light twinges of pain still flitting about. They were dissipating, though. She worried that the terrible knot might come back. I encouraged her to at least enjoy the moment and release she was experiencing. I told her that if the tension were to come back, which it probably would not, it would likely be much milder and not nearly as overwhelming. From my end of the phone, I could see her aura had shifted dramatically. Much lighter and brighter, with less dense pockets in it. The panic was gone, as was the deep sobbing sadness of disappointment.

Beverly finished the phone session much relieved, and I was happy for her. What she had been experiencing for 10 months was no fun at all. Add to that the frustration of doctors not being able to tell her what was wrong. I only wish Beverly had called me sooner than waiting 10 months and seeing so many doctors and spending so much money on needless tests. Things could have been cleared up so much sooner for her. Nevertheless, I am just very glad she was able to the healing that she did.  There’s more that can be done for Beverly’s healing, of course, if she wants to pursue it. There’s still a lot more for Beverly to move. But the horrible crisis had been shifted, and her body is much happier for it.  And I’m now wiser to the experience of how clearing the energy of pain that people don’t even consciously remember can be very helpful. I hadn’t thought to work that way, and I learned something new with Beverly. For that, I am thankful.

Like a lot of things in energy work, none of this may make “sense”. It can sound totally nuts but it works. And sometimes this work can do what nothing else can, including modern medicine, and I think that is exciting.

What do you think? I welcome your comments!

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