10 Questions for Clarity


Part 1

Purpose of This Form: This form gives me a starting point to help lay the groundwork of our work together. These questions are just a tool to stimulate thoughts, discussion and ideas, especially when you are not sure what you want. Nothing is written in stone, and your answers will change as you gain more clarity. **NOTE: Don't worry about filling in the "Rating" sections after each question until you get to Part 2. Just focus on answering the 10 questions first for Part 1.
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Part 2

Now, read all of these questions and your answers out loud to yourself, and notice your inner reaction and what sorts of emotions bubble up. Record whatever you notice and the level of your inner experience from 1 – 10, (10 meaning “as high as possible”) next to each answer.
For example, you might have listed an item on Question #1 as, “I don’t want to keep doing work that is unfulfilling” and when you read it out to yourself, you notice you feel anger. So you’d list “anger, 8” right under that answer on Question #1. Similarly, you might have an item on #2, such as “I want a life that allows more travel” you might list “frustration – 7” under it.
I look forward to receiving this back from you and connecting with you at our first appointment!