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Hi. I’m Adele Wang. I help sensitive, perfectionist, high-performing women create happiness and success in an imperfect world.

If you’re exhausted from trying to figure things out, it’s time for a fresh and sensual approach that really works.

Create the life and livelihood you want.

Become unmistakable in your presence, your work and your purpose as a woman


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You can feel it. It’s time for a radically new way of stepping out of the overwhelm and exhaustion into a much greater success for you as a woman. It’s not about just surviving, trying to figure things out and managing your “stress”. It’s bigger than that. A new approach is required…

Because “stress” probably isn’t the main issue. Something more essential is happening, disguised as “stress”.

Maybe you feel a calling but can’t find the clarity. Maybe you do feel the message but you’re frustrated that things aren’t moving. Somehow you intuitively know that there’s more to life than this daily struggling to get through the to-do list to build a successful business. You know how to apply yourself, and you do all the right things. Yet, a true fulfilling success seems to elude you. Even if things look great on the outside to everyone else…

Maybe you don’t feel particularly magnetic in attracting what you want. Maybe you feel cut off from your intuition, like you’re living someone else’s idea of a great life, one that you somehow fell into. And now you know it’s time for a change. Because you know it’s your time now. As a woman. As a leader. And you know that you only have one life…

You’re not alone. I understand this very well.

It’s difficult to traverse this inner journey alone. If it were easy, you would have done it already. It’s time for deeper conversations that evolve past mindset and psychological process. There is so much more that is possible for you, things you cannot yet imagine. Or if you can, there are ways to bring those dreams in sooner, rather than later “someday”.

You might be ready to work with me. Someone who has been where you are and has created a path out of the chaos into your future that is waiting for you. Imagine moving into a life and livelihood that you are truly connected to and proud of. Relationships that feed your spirit. Unwavering purpose, and plenty of abundance.

Step out of the daily grind and stop relying on willpower. It’s time to reignite your dream, your creative spark, your essence. It’s time to step into your greatness and your full potential.

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